Chris Christie claims it’s ‘undeniable’ Trump gave him COVID-19, blasts Meadows for his silence

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Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is reportedly mulling what may prove to be one final political run, competing for the Republican Party’s nomination for president in 2024, and he has clearly indicated that if he enters the race he will do as as the anti-Trump candidate — a stance that also helps draw headlines as Christie plugs his new book.

In an interview PBS’ Firing Line with host Margaret Hoover, Christie claimed it was “undeniable” that former President Donald Trump infected him with Covid-19 last year while blasting former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows for not being forthright about Trump allegedly testing positive for the virus ahead of the presidential debate with now-President Joe Biden.

Hoover was furthering the narrative that the former president knew he had COVID-19 and went to the debate anyway, based on a passage in Meadow’s own book about a false positive test ahead of the debate, on Sept. 26, 2020. Trump has denied that he had the virus at the time, and Meadows has clarified that he was talking about a false-positive result in the book.

An undeterred Hoover said to Christie, “You spent a week in intensive care, battling COVID, and you wrote in your book that it was touch and go for parts — it could’ve gone either way. I’m glad you made a full recovery. You tested positive three days after the presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. And you had been with the president for four days prior to the debate preparing him for the debate. Starting on Sept. 26.”

“According to Donald Trump’s Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, Trump tested positive for COVID on Sept. 26 — six days before he revealed that he had been diagnosed with COVID,” she continued. “You said that your wife Mary Pat and you had an ‘interesting reaction’ when you learned this from Mark Meadows’ book. What was that reaction?”

“I can’t believe Mark Meadows didn’t tell me,” Christie said, recounting their reaction.

Keeping the focus on Trump, Hoover interjected to ask Christie if he didn’t believe the former president “would have told you?”

“Well that’s obvious, of course, Trump should’ve told all of us,” he replied, before adding, “Mark should’ve said to all of us, ‘Hey the president tested positive for Covid, we’re having another test.’ The next test came back negative from what he reported — he had an obligation to tell us.”

“I would’ve worn a mask if I knew that,” Christie said. “We knew everybody in that room except for the president was getting tested every day. We didn’t know what the president’s testing regimen was. So, if Mark Meadows knew that somebody that I was sitting across from for four days had popped a positive test, he, as the White House chief of staff — put aside the president for a second, obviously the president as my friend should’ve looked at me and told me that. That’s obvious. But I think what’s less obvious is that Mark Meadows saved this for his book. He saved it for a book. He didn’t tell us. I went into the hospital in the intensive care unit. He didn’t call and tell me. So I think that’s inexcusable.”

Hoover kept the narrative going by asking confirming with Christie that he “had always suspected” that he got COVID-19 from the president.

“The only reason I suspected it was because he was the only person who I didn’t know his testing regimen that I was in close contact with,” Christie said on cue.

“So did this confirm for you that you did in fact get it from the president?” Hoover then asked, prompting the politician to answer, “Oh, I think it’s undeniable.”

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