CNN commentator DECIMATES Biden and Dems when he just can’t take the spin anymore

CNN commentator Scott Jennings raised eyebrows when he came down hard on Democrats and President Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance.

During a panel discussion, Jennings expertly dismantled talking points offered up by Democratic strategist Paul Begala, leaving the CNN analyst visibly wincing and sparking virtual applause on social media.

Begala began by praising Biden’s very short speech on the Supreme Court’s opinion in the Trump v. United States immunity case.

“Yeah, I thought he did fine. He showed strength. He clearly knows about this. Really quite radical for Joe Biden, who is an institutionalist,” he said.

“Really took on the court, which is very fertile territory. Americans hate the Supreme Court. They think it’s biased and corrupt. Why? Because it’s biased and corrupt,” claimed the former advisor to President Bill Clinton as Jennings, seated beside him, shook his head and chuckled.

(Video Credit: CNN)

“If I was Biden, I would ride that horse. People hate the Supreme Court, they’re they’re in the tank for Mr. Trump. They believe, I do, too. So I think that’s a great issue for him,” Begala continued.

“But do people’s disdain for the Supreme Court outrank his concern- the concern that voters potentially may have, we’ll wait to see what the polling shows, from last Thursday’s debate?” host Kaitlan Collins asked.

“Of course it doesn’t!” Jennings exclaimed.

“Joe Biden, after cannonballing into an empty swimming pool on Thursday night, came out tonight and spoke for four minutes off of a teleprompter. He’s good for four minutes today, as long as somebody else wrote it,” Jennings said.

“After having this completely tone-deaf sort of announcement coming out of this meeting that you wrote about with his family this weekend, where his son, the notorious influence peddler and crack addict Hunter Biden says ‘you gotta keep going.’ Also, they were hanging out with Annie Liebowicz(sic), the photographer, which I wasn’t even aware she was taking mugshots now,” he continued as the panel nervously laughed.

“This entire thing, since Thursday, has been one tone-deaf political disaster after another,” Jennings continued in his blistering reality check.

“Tonight, he comes out and attacks the Supreme Court and says, oh, the president cannot do whatever he wants. The same guy, by the way, whose centerpiece of his speeches is: ‘The Supreme Court tried to stop me, they blocked me but they’ll never stop me on student loans.’ I don’t know what they are doing because they don’t know what they’re doing,” Jennings concluded.

“And no one in America knows what they’re doing. And that’s why Donald Trump’s beatin’ his brains in right now,” he added.

The departure from the predictable fare at CNN was celebrated on social media.

Frieda Powers


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