CNN host jumps all over Byron Donalds for claiming Biden authorized ‘deadly force’ against Trump

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) rejected CNN host Abby Phillip’s characterization of him as a conspiracy theorist for remarks about disturbing new details about the government’s raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Democrats and their media lackeys are visibly worried that this time they’ve gone too far and they are in frantic damage control mode over the Biden regime’s authorization of “deadly force” during the raid on former President Trump’s South Florida residence.

The revelation that agents had the OK to shoot to kill during the unprecedented storming of Mar-a-Lago in August 2022 drew outrage from many Republicans who condemned the weaponizing of the federal law enforcement system against the opposition leader.

In a Thursday night appearance on “CNN NewsNight,” the Trump ally more than held his own during an extended and at times heated discussion with the cable network’s DEI muppet who strongly defended the Democratic party’s political police.

(Video: CNN)

“Just recently there was an issue of the search warrant for the search of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property and it authorized the use of deadly force for the FBI agents, standard boilerplate language, but you and others have described it as an assassination attempt on the former president,” Phillip asked. “That’s just not true. Why would you say something like that?”

“Well first of all, my view of it is very simple. You have the FBI going in to do this raid on Mar-a-Lago, this is not like any other raid that they would do,” the Florida Republican answered.

“FBI agents who did that raid did not want to do it. They didn’t think it was necessary, and this is all politically motivated at the end because Merrick Garland wanted that to happen,” Donalds said. “Merrick Garland wanted the scene, which your network did cover, of going into Mar-a-Lago, did they not?”

Phillip regurgitated the talking point that’s obviously been put out to the media that the document and its language were standard and that there was nothing extraordinary about putting the conditions into place for what could have been a deadly incident at the home of the former president.

“Congressman, with all due respect, the language for the search is standard operating procedure for every operation of that kind that the FBI does,” she insisted.

Again, Donalds stuck to the point that he was making about the weaponization of the Justice Department by President Joe Biden and his attorney general even though Phillip kept harping about the “conspiracy theory” during their extended back and forth.

“You are not responding to a very simple question about a conspiracy theory that you voiced,” Phillip whined.

“What conspiracy theory?” Donalds asked.

“That the FBI, by having on a document that they are authorized to use deadly force, was trying to harm or assassinate former President Trump,” the host replied. “That is false. Will you acknowledge that?”

“Can I be very clear with you? I’m not sure what Merrick Garland is trying to do these days because it is clear that the Department of Justice is being weaponized against Donald Trump,” Donalds answered, sticking to the topic and not taking the bait. “That is clear.”

“Newly-released court documents reveal that Joe Biden’s DOJ authorized the use of DEADLY FORCE in its raid of President Trump’s home,” Donalds wrote on X after the news first broke. “This is insane & this is what the political weaponization of our federal government looks like in real-time. Joe Biden is a threat to democracy.”

Chris Donaldson


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