Michelle Obama reportedly MIA from Biden campaign over poor treatment of Hunter’s ex-wife

According to a bombshell report, former first lady Michelle Obama is snubbing President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign because of a beef.

The beef stems from the corrupt, despicable Biden family’s treatment of Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, according to Axios.

“Former First Lady Michelle Obama privately has expressed frustration over how the Biden family largely exiled her close friend Kathleen Buhle after Buhle’s messy divorce from Hunter Biden,” Axios reported Thursday, citing several sources.

“The family tensions — and the former first lady’s disdain for partisan politics — are partly why one of the Democrats’ most popular voices hasn’t campaigned for President Biden’s re-election,” Axios added.

Buhle, the mother of Naomi Biden, is not to be confused with Hunter’s other baby mother, Lunden Roberts, whose daughter, Navy, has been ignored by the entire Biden family because she makes Hunter the noted deadbeat and thus makes the entire Biden family look bad.

Buhle previously testified against Hunter in 2017 and then later revealed more insider details in a memoir published in 2022.

“President Biden and much of the family deeply resented that Buhle wrote a memoir in 2022 that largely focused on her marriage with Hunter and his addictions,” Axios noted.

The former first lady has reportedly told her friends that she feels the Biden family has wronged Buhle.

“Buhle had to deal with Hunter’s drug use and infidelity — and then Biden family members blamed Buhle for some of the salacious details of his behavior becoming public,” Axios noted.

There’s more. According to Axios’ sources, the former first lady was also reluctant to campaign for the current president in 2020.

However, the Biden campaign claimed to Axios that the relationship between the Obamas and the Bidens is all hunky-dory and “strong,” as reported by Axios.

The White House said the same.

“The Biden and Obama families are like family to one other, and whomever made these claims about that relationship isn’t familiar with it,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates told Axios.

But according to the sources, their relationship has in fact been on the rocks since at least 2015.

“That was when then-Vice President Biden was weighing a presidential run, and President Obama was not encouraging it,” Axios noted. “It also was the year Biden’s son Beau died of cancer, setting off years of tumult within the family that included Hunter Biden and Buhle’s divorce in 2017.”

This isn’t to say former President Barack Obama is also snubbing Biden. He’s not.

“This year Barack Obama has attended fundraisers and appeared in videos for President Biden’s re-election effort, but Obama has done so solo, without his popular spouse,” Axios noted.

Obama also “regularly praises and boosts Biden” in tweets posted to the social media platform X — unlike his wife, who hasn’t posted anything about the president since he launched his reelection campaign.

All that being said, Obama has reportedly privately dissed the Biden family at least once.

“In the fall of 2017, Barack Obama — without Michelle — attended a fundraiser in Wilmington, Del., for the Beau Biden Foundation, a children’s advocacy group,” Axios noted. “The fundraiser featured much of the Biden family at a time when Hunter Biden, who was recently divorced from Buhle, was dating Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden.”

After the event, Obama reportedly privately told someone close to him that the family dynamics of the Biden family were some “weird s–t.”


Asked for comment, Michelle’s spokesperson, Crystal Carson, for her part claimed that “she [Michelle] is friends with Kathleen and with the Bidens” and that “two things can be true.” Sure, but that doesn’t answer the question of whether she’s been snubbing Biden this election season.

Also interesting from Axios’ report is the bombshell that Hunter had resented the Obama White House.

“After Obama picked Biden to be his running mate for the 2008 election, Obama’s team made Hunter quit his job as a lobbyist because of concerns about the optics. Hunter wrote in his book that quitting that job felt like ‘riding the escalator without an exit. I once again had huge expenses and no savings, and now I had to bust my ass to build another career from scratch,'” according to Axios.

Hunter reportedly also felt aggrieved over how Obama’s staffers treated his father.

“I didn’t hang around the White House much; I didn’t want to be in the position of walking into a barbecue on a Sunday with the president and the White House staff after reading about someone throwing my dad under the bus,” he wrote in his book.

Vivek Saxena


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