CNN’s Anderson Cooper: ‘You have every right to be outraged and angry, never watch this network again’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is facing backlash from the intolerant, bigoted left for daring to defend the network’s decision to platform former President Donald Trump, the man most likely to be the GOP nominee going into the 2024 presidential race.

On Thursday, a day after CNN’s town hall with Trump, Cooper launched into a long lecture about why CNN was in the right to platform the former president.


“Before we begin with tonight’s broadcast, I want to say something about what we witnessed at last night’s town hall,” he began.

“Many of you have expressed deep anger and disappointment. Many of you are upset that someone who attempted to destroy our democracy was invited to sit on a stage in front of a crowd of Republican voters to answer questions and predictably, continued to spew lie after lie after lie. And I get it. It was disturbing,” he continued.

Actually, many of Trump’s so-called “lies” were simply facts that the radicalized left refuses to acknowledge. Such as the fact that the 2020 presidential election was in many ways rigged against Trump, as demonstrated, for instance, by the censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Cooper continued his lecture by reminding leftists that, no matter how much they hate Trump, he’s still the GOP frontrunner going into the 2024 race.

“Now, many of you think CNN shouldn’t have given him any platform to speak. And I understand the anger about that – giving him the audience, the time. I get that,” he said.

“But this is what I also get. The man you were so disturbed to see and hear from last night? That man is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination for president. And according to polling, no other Republican is even close,” Cooper continued.

He added that Republicans represent “half the country.”

“They are your family members, your neighbors, and they are voting. And many said they’re voting for him,” he said.

He continued by also stressing that, hate him or love him, Trump may very well win the 2024 race.

“Now, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to him since he left office, maybe you’ve been enjoying not hearing from him thinking it can’t happen again. Some investigation is going to stop him. Well, it hasn’t so far,” he said.

“So if last night showed anything, it showed it can happen again. It is happening again. He hasn’t changed and he is running hard,” he added.

In concluding his remarks, Cooper urged leftists to get out of their echo chamber and touch grass.

“You have every right to be outraged and angry, never watch this network again. But do you think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make that person go away? If we all only listen to those we agree with, it may actually do the opposite,” he said.

“If lies are allowed to go unchecked, as imperfect as our ability to check them is on a stage in real time, those lies continue and those lies spread. If you’re angry or upset, I understand, but you have the power to do something about it. You can actually get involved, you can make a difference, whatever side of the aisle you’re on,” he added.

Predictably, Cooper’s defense of CNN’s decision sparked massive backlash, with leftists screeching in horror at being asked to recognize that roughly 50 percent of Americans vastly disagree with them.

Look (*Language warning):

There’s a LOT more where that came from.

CNN, which many critics on the right have often accused of being nothing but a propagandist network for the Democrat Party, is also facing backlash from its own base of anti-Trump staffers.

“CNN and new network boss Chris Licht are facing a fury of criticism — both internally and externally over the event,” left-wing propagandist Oliver Darcy reported via his weekday newsletter.

“I can’t believe anyone thought this was a good idea,” one staffer told The Washington Post.

“Total debacle,” another CNN staffer added.


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