‘Cockpit’ among words too offensive for the friendly skies. Here are some other ridiculous new triggers.

The pervasive taint of globalism bringing DEI to the friendly skies was revealed in a language guide for pilots nixing common terms over concerns for “women, transgender people, and people with different gender identities.”

“Inclusive language… is an important factor in maintaining flight safety.”

Under Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Americans have wrestled with confidence in the airline industry over mass flight cancelations, increased costs, and doors tearing off the fuselage mid-flight. However, a look at the world’s largest pilots’ union’s “Inclusive Language Reference Guide” hardly stood as encouragement for reticent fliers that priorities were in order.

Released in April 2021, the Air Line Pilots Association, Int’l (ALPA), representing nearly 80,000 pilots around the world, offered up guidance that focused on pronoun usage, stereotypes, and avoiding “masculine generalizations,” contending, “Inclusive language in communications is essential to our union’s solidarity and collective strength and is an important factor in maintaining flight safety.”

“The purpose of this language guide is to offer examples of terms and phrases that promote inclusion and equity,” the ALPA noted as it blasted the use of the term “cockpit” and said it should be replaced with “flight deck” as the former “has been and may be used in a derogatory way to exclude women in the piloting profession.”

“Many women have heard a variation of ‘It is called a cockpit for a reason’ by a male pilot, suggesting that women do not belong in the piloting profession,” read the guide. “The intent behind the use of the word is important.”

Image via ALPA

Other taboo terms from the union Fox News Digital reported works with the United Nations on its policies included “manpower,” “guys,” “mother” and “father.”

“Who will provide the people/human power to support this event?” was offered as an example of replacing “manpower,” while the term “guys” was decried because “some individuals may feel left out, especially in a setting that includes women, transgender people and people with different gender identities.”

Gendered terms for parents were criticized because they might alienate “different family structures, such as grandparents as caregivers, same-sex parents.”

Even using the pronoun “he” in generic descriptions was deemed inappropriate in the same vein.

“Diversity really has nothing to do with safe travel,” said former Federal Aviation Administration safety team representative Kyle Bailey to Fox Business Network in January. “It’s basically all a matter of flight time, your credentials, your background, how much flight experience you have and also your training.”

“Regardless of what proposed hiring practices are put into place, the bottom line is…piloting is basically a male occupation. You don’t find little girls when they’re 10 years old saying, ‘Hey, I want to be an airline pilot’ or playing with little model airplanes or flying model airplanes,” he argued. “It’s pretty much a male game, like it or not.”

Meanwhile, a 2019 piece in the Wall Street Journal made clear that the term “cockpit” had nothing to do with biology as tongue-in-cheek uses might suggest. Rather, it traced back to cockfighting in the 16th century.

Sailors on British warships would go on to be reminded of the area for the fowl battles in referring to the designated area for a ship surgeon as a cockpit, “The confined space, the noise, the blood, and the fetid air evidently reminded people of the original cockpits.”

Early pilots would be reminded of those areas when they dubbed their control area the cockpit, something the diversity, equity, and inclusion crowd can mull over the next time an engine catches fire.

Kevin Haggerty


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