Convicted felon Hunter Biden suing Fox News over HIS lewd images

Fox News is facing a lawsuit from Hunter Biden over the network’s airing of a television series as well as the publication of lewd images.

The miniseries, “The Trial of Hunter Biden” was called out as “fictionalized ” in the lawsuit filed in New York County Supreme Court on Sunday, with lawyers for President Joe Biden’s son claiming the “series intentionally manipulates the facts, distorts the truth, narrates happenings out of context, and invents dialogue intended to entertain.”

The filing also argues that Fox News published photos “depicting him in the nude … as well as engaged in sex acts.” The network fired back in a statement saying “We look forward to vindicating our rights in court.”

Judge Joe Brown had informed viewers of the series which aired on the streaming service Fox Nation before being taken down in April, that the younger Biden was not facing charges at the time that the mock trial was aired.

Biden’s legal team threatened to sue after the network posted the six-part series, with Fox News saying in a statement at the time, “We are reviewing the concerns that have just been raised and — out of an abundance of caution in the interim — have taken it down.”

“Far from reporting on a newsworthy event, Fox sought to commercialize Mr. Biden’s personality through a form of treatment distinct from the dissemination of news or information,” the new lawsuit states.

“Indeed, the entire miniseries is fictionalized and based on a nonexistent criminal case. … While using certain true information, the series intentionally manipulates the facts, distorts the truth, narrates happenings out of context, and invents dialogue intended to entertain. Thus, the viewer of the series cannot decipher what is fact and what is fiction, which is highly damaging to Mr. Biden,” the filing continues.

The attorneys claim that Biden’s civil rights were violated because Fox “disseminated and published” the images and intentionally inflicted emotional distress on their client. They also cited the network’s financial gain from airing the series.

In a rebuke of the network, the lawyers pointed to Fox’s $787.5 million settlement in a lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems, saying that it would “not be the first time that Fox knowingly engaged in unlawful conduct.”

“The complaint requests a jury trial, compensatory and punitive damages, and the disgorgement of any profits from ‘The Trial of Hunter Biden.'” ABC News reported.

“This entirely politically motivated lawsuit is devoid of merit,” Fox fired back in a statement.

“The core complaint stems from a 2022 streaming program that Mr. Biden did not complain about until sending a letter in late April 2024. The program was removed within days of the letter, in an abundance of caution, but Hunter Biden is a public figure who has been the subject of multiple investigations and is now a convicted felon,” the statement continued. “Consistent with the First Amendment, FOX News has accurately covered the newsworthy events of Mr. Biden’s own making, and we look forward to vindicating our rights in court.”

Frieda Powers


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