Cornel West sends Piers Morgan over the edge when he calls him ‘racist’: ‘How dare you!’

Piers Morgan and Independent presidential candidate Dr. Cornel West clashed on Wednesday over Morgan’s “framing” of the pro-Palestinian protestors who have erected tent encampments on America’s university campuses and harassed Jewish students as they attempted to attend their classes.

On Wednesday’s episode of “Uncensored,” Morgan spoke to pro-Palestinian activist Nardin Kiswani to discuss the ongoing protests before inviting West, along with Kat Timpf, Xaviaer DuRousseau, and Cenk Uygur to debate the “free speech” issue.

According to West, Morgan doesn’t spend enough time talking about Israel’s crimes against the citizens of Hamas-led Gaza.

“All you wanna talk about is the Jewish students,” West told Morgan.

West went on to accuse Morgan of being “an extension of [Israeli] propaganda.”

“And that’s why I call you a racist,” he told the host, “because it means then that Palestinian lives do not have the same value as an Israeli life.”

It was the straw that broke Morgan’s back.

“Honestly, how dare you,” he snapped back. “How dare you call me a racist!”

“What you don’t know is before I did this debate, I did a long interview with one of the IDF spokesmen in which I went after him about their planned invasion of Rafah because I think it would be a catastrophic mistake,” he informed West. “So don’t call me a racist.”

West countered by taking a shot at President Biden.

“Biden believes that too,” he stated. “Do you think Biden believes that Palestinian life has the same value as Israeli life?”

“Yes, I do,” Morgan replied.

“Absolutely not!” West exclaimed. “He doesn’t have a moral fiber in his bone when it comes to the Palestinian predicament!”

Morgan tried again.

“I believe Palestinian lives matter just as much as any other life,” he stated, “and I’ve always said that.”

But West wasn’t satisfied.

“Does not manifest in your framing, brother,” he told Morgan. “Does not manifest in your framing.”

Morgan was having none of it.

“Don’t throw around the word ‘racist’ without any evidence to support the fact that I’m a racist,” he said.

“I’ve been hearing the evidence,” West insisted. “It’s not throwing around. It’s the reality.”

Later, on X, West described the debate as “intense, wild, and yet truthful!”

Morgan had a different take.

“Very strange, hyper volatile debate,” he wrote on X. “Two of my high-profile guests decided to howl abuse at me, call me a racist etc, but then both ended up admitting that they agree with me.. Jewish students should not be harassed/threatened on university campuses.”

Melissa Fine


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