Pastor takes MAJOR heat for saying ‘there’s no such thing as PTSD’, but is that what he really meant?

A pastor ignited criticism and sparked online debate over his dismissal of mental health issues that affect millions.

Pastor and author John MacArthur delivered a jaw-dropping take on the existence of obsessive-compulsive disorder, ADHD, and PTSD as he called them “noble lies” during a Q&A panel at the For the Valley Bible Conference last month.

“There’s no such thing as PTSD. There’s no such thing as OCD. There’s no such thing as ADHD,” the pastor at California’s Grace Community Church said in the video posted online.

He expressed that the diagnoses provide “an excuse”  to medicate people and that “Big Pharma is in charge of a lot of that.”

PTSD, MacArthur explained, is really just grief manifesting as he made his case. He also spoke of certain medications being “the most deadly thing unleashed on children.”

The full video can be seen below for context:

Social media users ripped into the pastor for his take on mental issues.

However, some social media responses defended the pastor or attempted to clarify his comments.

Frieda Powers


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