Crazed Keith Olbermann calls for CNN to be burned down after debate

Trump Derangement Syndrome knocked another screw loose for Keith Olbermann as Thursday’s debate had him suggesting a “mostly peaceful” end to CNN.

“…burn the g****** place to the ground.”

(Video: Keith Olbermann)

Proving that spin is more a matter of commitment than savvy, the former MSNBC commentator and “broadcast journalist” went on a tear shortly after former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden left the debate stage in Atlanta, Georgia.

While many corporate media pundits were seen swallowing their pride and admitting the incumbent had shuffle-stepped himself into a train wreck, Olbermann kicked off his analysis with disregard for the addle-eyed president and instead took aim at the “tag team” of CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash with the GOP leader that he asserted helped make the night a victory for Trump.

“The decision to not fact check the firehose of lies that is Donald Trump, that is the entirety of his existence and the entirety of his campaign, the decision to not fact check any one of those lies by CNN was one of the most immoral decisions in the history of the free press in this country,” he argued.

To that end, he voiced his favor to see the network turned into a smoldering pile of ash as he added, “Literally, I am suggesting that at some point tonight, CNN should…go off the air in shame, fire everybody, seal off the buildings, make sure everybody’s out and burn the g****** place to the ground.”

Olbermann went on to suggest that Bash, Tapper and their bosses at CNN should “at minimum be suspended or fired for journalistic malpractice at the highest level of failure in American media and journalistic history.”

“The term debate after what CNN did last night is not applicable,” he’d added in a promotion for the more than hour-long rant that made frequent references to Trump’s command performance more than a year earlier at a town hall moderated by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

Days after that town hall, Olbermann’s umbrage with the network, and Tapper in particular, had been displayed with him demanding the resignation of the anchor over his coverage the Durham report as “devastating to the FBI and to a degree, it does exonerate Donald Trump.”

Much like “The View” co-host Ana Navarro attempting to cover for Biden’s performance by arguing he was “overprepared” for the debate while her peer Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed White House propaganda had left her feeling “duped” about the president’s mental acumen, Olbermann’s excessive compensation for the incumbent’s international display of inability was widely mocked on social media.

While some pointed to the rules of the debate itself as favoring the Democrat over the Republican, others merely mocked Olbermann’s latest unhinged display with some nods to a likeness to Rosie O’Donnell.

Kevin Haggerty


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