Bannon has defiant message for supporters, planning event outside prison before reporting

Former White House strategist Steve Bannon had a defiant message for his supporters days before his imprisonment for contempt of Congress.

On Friday, the Supreme Court rejected the 70-year-old conservative commentator’s appeal, clearing the way for the Biden regime to take a ferocious advocate for presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump off the playing field in the months before the November election.

Bannon, who will report to prison on Monday, remained defiant in the face of government tyranny and on Friday’s edition of his “War Room” podcast, told listeners not to write letters to him, calling for them to instead devote their time and energy to relegating the authoritarian Biden regime to the dustbin of history.

“Listen, pray for our enemies. Do not write a letter to me at all. It will not be read. I am not going to take a second to read your letters. I’m not. Because you know why? I don’t want you taking time to write a letter. I want you to get to work,” he said.

“This is all about victory. There is no substitute for victory here. There is no substitute for victory. You know that. I know that,” the “Honey Badger” added.

“Use your time, husband your resources, and use your time, and your time is not sending me some missive in prison that I’m not gonna read.”

“You want to know why I’m not gonna read it, because I’m gonna be working outside of my job in prison, I will be working the rest of the hours on what? Total and complete victory.”

On Monday, just before he’s locked up by Biden’s government, Bannon plans to do a podcast from outside the Danbury Prison where he’s to be locked up for the next four months over charges for defying the now-defunct Nancy Pelosi-Liz Cheney J6 committee.

“We’re going to do a special tomorrow night on Real America’s Voice. It’ll be up on all of our distribution platforms. It’ll be Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, and yours truly. A special edition of War Room from 8:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time to 9:30,” Bannon said on Saturday’s “War Room” broadcast.

“Then the Change of Command show, temporarily being relieved by the War Room working group and our co-host, will be on Monday outside of the federal prison at Danbury,” he added, giving a shout out to Biden’s top cop. “Yes, baby, live, 10:00 to noon. We want to give Attorney General Merrick Garland – You should tune in, sir. Your name may get mentioned a couple of three times.”

In an interview with NBC News, when Bannon was asked about what the end game was, he responded, “victory or death of this republic.”

“If we don’t win the — first of all, they shred the Constitution. It is the death of the constitutional American republic we know,” he added.

“I don’t fear this at all. I’m a political prisoner,” Bannon told Time magazine last week, adding, “I’m at war with the ruling class of this country. I’ve dedicated my life to this. I don’t have a social life. This is my life.”

Chris Donaldson


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