‘Crazy, right?’ Tulsi Gabbard denounces TikTok ban on ad standing up for women’s sports

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard reinforced the “undeniably and objectively true” message about sports that TikTok deemed ban-worthy.

“Crazy, right?”

(Video Credit: Tulsi Gabbard)

Amid the devastating clapback delivered to leftists attempting to take a victory lap on the very same Title IX protections that their policies were eroding, the banning of an advertisement promoting sanity in girls’ and women’s sports emphasized the need to “stand up.”

Showing her support for the cause in an incredulous social media post on Sunday, Gabbard included the ad for XX-XY Athletics which got its account booted off of TikTok.

“Have you heard about this latest video that TikTok banned because they found it to be too controversial, too filled with hate and too offensive?” asked the one-time Democratic presidential hopeful who added after the spot, “Crazy, right? Not what you expected.”

In the ad from retired gymnast, ousted Levi executive Jennifer Sey’s XX-XY Athletics, a montage of female athletes like former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines included the narration, “If you think girls’ and women’s equality matter, stand up. If girls’ and women’s sports matter and you want your daughters to have the same opportunity you had, stand up.”

“If you know that it isn’t fair or safe to allow males to compete in girls’ sports because it’s, well, obvious, stand up,” the ad continued as boys allowed to compete with girls were depicted injuring their opponents.

“Don’t be cowed by people who call you a bigot. You’re not a bigot. Don’t let men tell us how to be ‘good’ girls. Don’t let others tell you you just need to be quiet, sit down, be nice. It’s not nice to further a lie. It’s not mean to believe in women’s equality. We deserve our own sports, privacy, fairness, safety,” the Save Women’s Sports promoting brand made clear. “We deserve a chance to compete and win. So don’t be nice. Don’t be careful. Be honest. Be brave. Fight for women. We’ve come too far to give up now.”

“And if you agree with that, stand up and stand with us,” the message concluded.

After playing the spot, Gabbard expressed, “It’s a sign of this insane time that we are living in where something that is undeniably and objectively true — the biological differences between men and women and boys and girls actually exist, there is such a thing as a woman and a girl that is distinct and different from a man or a boy — is deemed ban-worthy by TikTok.”

“We have to keep our eyes open to what is going on and continue to lift our voices and not allow them to ban us from seeing this truth and from sharing this truth. There have been a couple of court rulings that have begun to undo the Biden administration’s destruction of Title IX,” encouraged the former congresswoman as a federal judge has temporarily blocked some states from heeding President Joe Biden’s counterintuitive expansions to Title IX. “We have to keep building the momentum, keep sharing the truth, speaking the truth, and supporting those who do.”

Sey shared the message from TikTok regarding the ban that read in part, “Your account has been permanently suspended because it doesn’t comply with our advertising policies.”

“We enforce our Advertising Policies through a mix of technology and human moderation. We have detected this policy violation using a mix of automated and manual measures,” it continued and went on to add, “Our review indicates that your advertising content may violate TikTok’s advertising policies by featuring offensive content.”

Gabbard’s take on the ban was widely agreed upon as others chimed in to add their support to the message on the importance of holding the line against the spirit of the age and bolstering actual protections for women and girls alike.

Kevin Haggerty


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