‘The mask is off’: Riley Gaines takes lead in exposing Nancy Pelosi’s hypocrisy in celebrating Title IX

A chorus of conservative social media users told House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi to take a seat after her celebratory message about Title IX.

The California Democrat conveniently ignored her party’s disregard for women as she gushed about the “historic achievement” of the 1972 law that barred sex discrimination in education. Pelosi took to X to commemorate the anniversary of Title IX despite Democrats effectively throwing women under the bus in their attempts to swing open the doors for transgenders to be allowed in women’s-only spaces.

“Today we celebrate 52 years of Title IX: an historic achievement that transformed the meaning of equality and opportunity in and out of the classroom,” Pelosi wrote on X Sunday.

“House Democrats remain hard at work to level the playing field for women & girls because when women succeed, America succeeds!” she added, clearly lacking any self-awareness.

But Pelosi was not about to get away quietly with her pandering post.

Former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines was among those shooting a flare on the Democrats’ lies.

“Don’t let them virtue signal. These are the same people who have effectively betrayed women by abolishing Title IX & its original intent,” she posted on X in response.

“Call out the hypocrisy. @TheDemocrats, the mask is off, and we see you,” Gaines declared.

President Joe Biden and his administration have been looking to expand the original law to include protections for LGBTQ+ students and new rules were set to go into effect in August. But the move has been met with legal challenges as U.S. District Judge Terry A. Doughty called it an “abuse of power” and a “threat to democracy” this month when granting a preliminary injunction as several states have filed lawsuits.

The Independent Women’s Forum also filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration back in April and members of the women’s advocacy group have embarked on a 13-day bus tour. Gaines and tennis star Martina Navratilova have joined the women and recently blasted those responsible for vandalizing the tour bus with vulgar messages.

“It’s amazing that females wanting female-only sports warrants such a reaction. They’ve resorted to name-calling, defaming, and intentional misrepresentation when they can’t dissuade from our position. And now they’ve added violence and vandalism to their tactics,” Gaines said.

Meanwhile, Pelosi’s gaslighting about Democrats supporting women was obliterated by social media users.

Frieda Powers


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