Cringe-filled satire of man singing about COVID vaccine at hearing spreads like wildfire

The pandemic has caused people to do a lot of strange things, but this might go down in history as one of the most bizarre attempts to encourage vaccination ever attempted.

During a Dallas City Council open-mic, a man who has been identified as Alex Stein approached the microphone and decided to rap about how great the COVID-19 vaccine is. The disconcerting and satirical show of adoration for the jab was uncomfortable, cringe-y, and downright painful to watch, even if it is a joke.

The entire thing was posted to YouTube by Stein, who doesn’t seem the least bit ashamed of what he’s done.


It appears that Stein is no stranger to these kinds of antics. According to a write-up by a local media outlet, he is not only a frequent speaker at these civic open-mics, but he’s dabbled in reality TV as well.

Twitter users weren’t impressed by Stein’s song and dance:

Sierra Marlee


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