Jesse Watters goes off on Gayle King after her ‘sick and tired’ comment

Fox News host Jesse Watters has had it with media that he believes tries to instill fear into the hearts of Americans, while the rest want to work past COVID-19.

The outburst was prompted by CBS’s Gayle King, who recently told Stephen Colbert that she is “tired of being tired and afraid” and “would much rather run down Times Square buck naked than go back home.” These sentiments launched a discussion on FNC’s “The Five,” but specifically sent Jesse Watters into a rant about how the liberal media is largely responsible for this “fear” King was experiencing.

“I have a question for Gayle King,” Watters began. “Gayle what is stopping you from streaking buck naked right now through Times Square? Is Oprah keeping you from doing that? The lockdown has been over for a year and a half Gayle.”

“She says ‘I’m sick and tired of being scared.’ Well, we’re sick and tired of you being scared, too!” he continued. “We’re sick and tired of everybody being scared, half the country’s scared; half the country’s just like living through it!”

“And here’s why: The media sells fear for profit,” Watters revealed. “Conservative media sold facts. We on this show talked about, what, co-morbidities, therapeutics, the social costs of lockdowns. We went through that.”

“But now, because the media is a mob, they’ve finally all at the same time caught up to the facts,” said the host. “And they’re glancing around saying, I think it’s OK. If we say this now, it’s OK. It’s OK.”

Jeanine Pirro, who was recently announced to be the entertainment show’s newest permanent host, chimed in at that point.

“They’ve all agreed, they had a big meeting,” she chuckled.

Fans of “The Five” will be seeing a lot of Pirro as she transitions into her new role on the show. On Wednesday, Fox News announced some shake-ups to the roster, as well as a rotation of left-leaning guests for the “liberal seat.”

In a press release regarding the changes, FOX News Media CEO Suzanne Scott confirmed that the changes will officially take place on Monday, January 24.

In making the announcement, Ms. Scott said, “The Five continues to be a beloved show by the American audience. Each of the co-hosts are accomplished and insightful talent with diverse opinions and terrific chemistry who will certainly help drive this ensemble program going forward.”

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