Dave Chappelle blasts ‘clowns’ in village council meeting, threatens to pull investment over unpopular affordable housing add on

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Outspoken comedian Dave Chappelle is being attacked (or smeared, rather) by the socialist left and the establishment media for using his outsized influence and wealth to compel an Ohio city council to scrap a plan to build what is being described as so-called “affordable housing” in the neighborhood where he lives, Yellow Springs.

The Yellow Springs Village Council (the village) had been working with Oberer Homes, a construction company, “to produce a plan that would include duplexes and affordable housing along with single-family homes in a 53-acre area along Spillan Road at the south edge of town,” according to the Dayton Daily News.

“The village initially asked for the development to advance affordable housing in the village, including an area that the village would later be able to develop into affordable housing, as well as more duplexes and townhomes.”

But during a public hearing Monday, Chappelle, a resident of the community, warned that he would withdraw his own investments in the community were the village to move forward with the so-called “affordable housing” plan with Oberer Homes.

“I just want to say … I don’t know why the village council would be afraid of litigation from a $24 million a year company while it’s out a $65 million a year company. I do not believe you would make me audition for you. You look like clowns. I am not bluffing. I will take it all off the table. That’s all,” he said.

Chappelle’s “$65 million a year company,” Iron Table Holdings LLC, had been planning to build a restaurant and a comedy club in the community, according to the Daily News.

Listen to Chappelle below:

Shortly after the comedian spoke, the council reportedly voted to scrap the “affordable housing” plan and revert back to the original plan to build “143 single-family homes on the lot, with the homes starting at about $300,000.”

Following the vote, much of the socialist left and establishment media pounced, with media outlets like Indy100 and so-called “reporters” like Justin Baragona of The Daily Beast leading the way and portraying the comedian as someone who loathes the “poor” and “working class.”

Here’s a small sample of the smears:

Not included above — and also not included in the majority of media reports, be they from The Daily Beast, NBC News, Mediaite, etc. — is the reasoning behind Chappelle’s opposition. It took the Daily Mail, a British tabloid outlet, to obtain the actual truth.

“A source close to Chappelle told DailyMail.com on Wednesday that reports that he opposes an affordable housing component of the project are false. The person said that Chappelle supports affordable housing, but believes the proposal put forward contains nothing of the kind,” the outlet reported Wednesday.

“The developers rushed the project, and got a sweetheart deal with council that was not properly vetted. It doesn’t even include affordable housing,” the source said.

But there’s more. Over on the forum Lipstick Alley, a user claimed the “affordable housing” talk “is a smokescreen.”

“[The] developers weren’t going to build a single affordable unit. They wanted to build expensive cookie-cutter subdivision[s] and [were] going to donate 1.85 acres of land to the city if they approved all of the zoning variances,” the user wrote.

“The residents are upset because it would gentrify the area, push out more POC’s ruin the environment and they want to maintain their rural/country community. The area is actually a liberal college town. Dave’s dad worked as a professor and dean at Antioch, a school that admitted black women in the 1850’s.”

The user added that the “town wants affordable housing but felt this was a bait and switch since none of the proposed properties were affordable and the new subdivision would bring rich city dwellers and wouldn’t serve the community.”

This comment was later posted to Twitter by Adam Vaughan, a Canadian politician who served in the Canadian Parliament from 2024 to 2021:

And indeed, in a report filed in December, an independent outlet — i.e., one not associated with the unreliable establishment media — named Yellow Spring News spoke with local residents who said the exact same thing.

“There’s nothing with this proposal that’s going to help affordability. Service workers will not be able to afford these houses,” local resident Jamie Adoff said.

Sadly, much of the establishment press was unwilling to do the “digging” and discover these easy-to-find facts for themselves, and that’s why as of Thursday morning, the Internet was littered with insults and smears about the left’s most recent punching bag, Dave Chappelle …

Vivek Saxena


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