DCCC chair Patrick Maloney, who lost Tuesday, blasts AOC for being ‘nowhere to be found’

U.S. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, head of House Democrats’ campaign arm, blasted fellow New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, saying she was “nowhere to be found” when it came to helping the party hold its control of the House of Representatives.

Maloney became the first Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair to lose their seat in 40 years when he was ousted by GOP state lawmaker Mike Lawler, who ran on crime and inflation. Yet The New York Times touted his efforts saying he “helped give his party a slim but fighting chance to hold its House majority with hard-fought wins across the country.”

The Times — which did note that Democrats “notched perhaps their most costly underperformance” in New York, where Republicans flipped four suburban seats — interviewed Maloney after Tuesday’s loss and asked him about AOC and others on the left complaining about the New York Democratic Party being “part of the problem.”

“The last time I ran into AOC, we were beating her endorsed candidate two to one in a primary, and I didn’t see her one minute of these midterms helping our House majority,” Maloney said. “So, I’m not sure what kind of advice she has, but I’m sure she’ll be generous with it.”


Clearly, there’s no love lost between the two, but then Ocasio-Cortez endorsed progressive left state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi in her primary bid to unseat Maloney, whom Biaggi called a “corporate Democrat.”

“But let’s be clear, she had almost nothing to do with what turned out to be an historic defense of our majority,” he continued. “Didn’t pay a dollar of dues. Didn’t do anything for our frontline candidates except give them money when they didn’t want it from her.”

“There are other voices who should be heard, especially when suburban voters have clearly rejected the ideas that she’s most associated with, from defunding the police on down,” Maloney said, trying to remain diplomatic. “She’s an important voice in our politics. But when it comes to passing our agenda through the Congress, or standing our ground on the political battlefield, she was nowhere to be found.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded in a series of spirited tweets to Maloney’s “laughable” assertions, saying “many moderate dems + leaders made it very clear that our help was not welcome nor wanted.”

“Take some ownership,” she would conclude, after offering the following defense:

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter that suggest there’s a lot at play here:

Tom Tillison


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