Dem lawmaker, primary challenger: It’s ‘delusional’ to think Biden can beat Trump

White House challenger lobbed a reality check at support for incumbent suggesting belief he can beat former President Donald Trump again is “delusional.”

Dousing more cold water on the campaign than the supposed polar plunge President Joe Biden was said to have recently participated in, primary opponent outgoing Minnesota Rep. Dean Phillips, looked no further than polling to suggest re-election hopes had sunk the chief executive.

“As a member of House Democratic Leadership, I supported and promoted the Biden agenda,” posted the congressman on X suggesting his bona fides. “I campaigned for him, voted for him, and respect him. But how can anyone read this and conclude he’s positioned to defeat Donald Trump? It’s delusional.”

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The Saturday morning social media commentary linked to an article from Politico wherein the New York Times/Siena College polls with Trump trouncing Biden in key battleground states were raised alongside NBC News polling indicating that the former president may be pulling past the incumbent in favorability among younger voters.

Also presented were the lingering concerns over third-party candidates like environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Green Party favorite Jill Stein, activist professor Cornel West and a potential late-entry from outgoing West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin (D).

Justifying his own run for the nomination alongside author Marianne Williamson, Phillips had told CNN earlier in November, “[Biden’s] approval numbers are historically low, rivaling only Jimmy Carter, who got slaughtered, of course, in that election. [Carter] had a Democratic primary challenger because he was going to get slaughtered in the election.”

Frontrunner rhetoric has consistently been to look ahead at the 2024 general election and Democratic talking heads had done just that in rejecting negativity surrounding the Biden campaign.

As had been reported, prominent party figures like former House Democratic Caucus chair and former New York Rep. Joe Crowley as well as former South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle had spoken out against giving voice to anemic favorability so far out from election day.

“We gotta pipe down the moaning and groaning and all the whining,” said Crowley, himself ousted after being primaried by now-New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. “There’s too much of that. I think that leaches into the psyche of the voters as well. That’s got to stop and I think at this point, you’ll start to see Biden’s numbers improve, certainly amongst Democrats, but I think voter-wide they’ll start to improve.”

Meanwhile, the White House appeared to troll Phillips after his announcement that he was all-in for his own presidential run, revealing that he would not be seeking re-election for his current seat, with the reaction, “Congressman Phillips has voted for nearly 100% of President Biden’s policies, and the President will miss his support for the Biden-Harris legislative agenda.”

Others shared a similar sentiment to Democratic insiders as many contended that Phillips’ campaign would only hurt the incumbent in the long-term.

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