Dems’ ‘free pass’ to minorities is over, brace for the BIG SHIFT says Black DEI-denouncing lawmaker

A Missouri state lawmaker declared that the Democrats’ “free pass” to minority voters is over as people are waking up to the party’s “false promises.”

Black Republican Missouri state Rep. Justin Hicks is speaking out against the Democrat Party and predicted a “big shift” in voting come November. The candidate for Missouri’s 3rd Congressional District made headlines last year when he defied the Democrat narrative on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).

Hicks told Fox News Digital in an interview that he could see a shift in support from minority voters away from President Joe Biden as more find their values align with former President Donald Trump instead.

“The Democrats have had a free pass with a lot of minority groups, but I think a lot of the minority groups are starting to realize that the Democrats have, pretty much, false promises that they’re giving them,” Hicks told Fox News Digital.

A limited government, lower taxes, and other “Republican values,” such as “allowing you to live your life,” are what resonate with different people groups, according to the GOP candidate.

“I think, come November, we’re going to see a big shift when it comes to minority groups,” he said.

As the only non-white Republican in the Missouri House, Hicks said he has faced harassment from Democrats, recalling the incident last year in which he defiantly declared that he identified “as an American” during a floor debate on DEI. Democrat state Rep. Marlene Terry grilled Hicks at the time over his opposition to funding diversity, equity, and inclusion policies by the state government.

“It was a shocker. It took me back when that question was asked to me, because that’s not the country I fought for,” Hicks recalled in his interview with Fox News, referring to his six years of service in the U.S. Army and deployment to the Middle East.

“That’s not the country that I fight every single day to ensure that we protect — one where we’re identifying each other based on arbitrary lines such as the color of your skin, or how you look, instead of who you are as in your character,” he said.

“We really are a beacon of hope for so many different countries out there, and we have to remember that. I think we fail to realize that, as Americans, a lot of times, we get so caught up in what’s going on inside the country that we don’t actually look outside and see how blessed we are,” Hicks added.

“We need to ensure that we’re protecting those things … making sure that we’re funding the military appropriately, making sure that we’re pushing back against a lot of the aggression that’s going on with China right now,” he told Fox News Digital.

Hicks said his inspiration for running for Congress is his 1-year-old daughter, Liberty, and that he wants to avoid “passing the buck” of crippling debt to the next generations.

“The America that she’s growing up in is one where we have a lot of selfish leaders here in Congress that care more about doing political theater than actually delivering results here for Americans … where our freedoms are in jeopardy a lot of times, and many aspects that make us uniquely American are in jeopardy,” he said.

The primary to be held on Aug. 6 will see Hicks go up against Republicans Bob Onder and Kurt Schaefer among others in the crowded field.

Frieda Powers


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