‘Dems have a BIG problem’: Christians and Muslims join forces, shut down school board over ‘inappropriate’ material

Christian and Muslim parents alike joined forces this past Monday in Dearborn, Michigan to protest and ultimately shut down a school board meeting.

The protest was reportedly sparked by the radical LGBT books that the school district has been exposing young children to, including one called “This Book is Gay.”

“Some of those books are completely inappropriate for our children to read. Some of those books promote pornography. Some of them promote homosexuality. We don’t need this,” Imam Sayed Hassan Al-Qazwini, one of the most prominent Muslims in the state, reportedly said during a sermon last Friday.

Watch a part of the protest below:

The troubles in Dearborn reportedly began last month.

“On a Sunday afternoon last month in Dearborn, Nagi Almudhegi took the stage to address the crowd gathered outside Henry Ford Centennial Library to demonstrate against some LGBTQ books in Dearborn Public Schools’ libraries,” the Detroit Free Press reported on Monday.

“As he spoke, some in the crowd held up signs denouncing books and educational materials in the public schools that they believe are too explicit for children. ‘Stop brainwash our children,’ read the sign of a woman cloaked in a robe. ‘Quit grooming students, you sexually perverted animals,’ read another placard held up by Wadeea Yassir, a Dearborn resident who was one of hundreds at the Sept. 25 rally, mostly Muslim.”

The protest came after a parent drew attention to several in-school books that contained explicit sexual content, including “This Book is Gay.”

The photos below are from last month:

According to The Washington Post, the board responded to the parents’ complaints by changing their book policy.

“Last week, ahead of the school board meeting, the district released its new policy. Officials are allowing parents to block their children from checking out certain items or to block them from using the district’s library and other media centers entirely,” the Post reported Wednesday.

“If parents are ‘truly concerned’ about a particular work being in the school at all, they can go through the ‘book challenge process’ to ask that it be removed from the catalogue. Such a request triggers a review from at least five district media specialists who, considering the parents’ concerns, will reexamine the work’s age appropriateness.

During Monday’s hearing, school board members vowed that they care about the input from parents.

“We want a system in place that is fair to all. [We] want to respect the rights of all parents when we make these decisions,” Superintendent Glenn Maleyko said.

But this was not enough for the protesters, who demanded that the board do more to remove offensive books from the curriculum.

Part of the crowd’s anger reportedly stemmed from a three-minute speaking rule the board established for parents.

“Chants of ‘vote them out,’ broke out when school board president Roxanne McDonald said a three-minute limit per speaker would be strictly enforced,” according to Michigan Radio.

“The room was also far over its occupancy limit, and after the crowd ignored multiple orders for people to move into two overflow rooms, board members ended the meeting prior to the public comment period,” Michigan Radio reported.

The anger from Muslims over LGBT curricula is receiving a little attention from the establishment press, but not much.

And even then, the press is jumping through hoops to blame the Muslims’ activism on conservative Christians.

“[C]onservative Christians were the group who initially raised fears of LGBTQ people or books, influencing some in the city’s Muslim population to then take up their ideas and push for changes in their cities,” the Detroit Free Press went out of its way to note.

“Like other parts of the country, conservative Christians were the first to raise fears about books with LGBTQ content in the Michigan school district, which serves the city of Dearborn and part of Dearborn Heights in the Detroit metro area,” the Post likewise noted.

Because Muslims are considered to be a victimized, marginalized special interest group, it’s unclear how far the left-wing media is willing to go in defense of the LGBT community, which is itself an allegedly marginalized special interest group.

Also, will the Department of Justice target Muslim parents like it’s targeted white Christian parents? Hmm?

Vivek Saxena


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