Dems ‘nonpartisan’ voter registration push exposed as ‘partisan scam’ when emergency brakes deployed: report

Democrats are allegedly in the thrall of a full-blown panic over the party’s “nonpartisan” voter registration efforts backfiring and inadvertently helping former President Trump.

A confidential internal memo surfaced this week voicing Democrats’ panic over young and minority voters swinging to Trump, according to the Washington Post. Some are now calling the party’s registration efforts a “partisan scam.”

“Democrats across the country have become increasingly concerned over the amount of support Trump is pulling from usually reliable demographics and donors have been bickering over an internal memo casting doubt on whether the party should continue using nonprofits to register unregistered voters over fears it could help Trump,” Fox News noted.

“Indeed, if we were to blindly register nonvoters and get them on the rolls, we would be distinctly aiding Trump’s quest for a personal dictatorship,” the memo proclaimed.

“Democrats donors are now getting memos telling them to stop funding voter registration nonprofits because unregistered voters lean towards Trump,” investigative researcher Parker Thayer candidly stated on X. “It’s all a partisan scam.”

“Left-wing strategists accidentally said the quiet part out loud: their ‘non-partisan’ left-wing voter registration efforts have always been highly partisan operations designed to help Democrats,” Jason Snead, who is the executive director of Honest Elections Project, told Fox News Digital in an interview.

“This admission raises grave questions about other programs the left also claims are ‘non-partisan,’ including President Biden’s executive order using taxpayers’ money to mobilize liberal voters. The press should take note of and remember this rare moment of honesty from the left the next time they cry ‘voter suppression,'” he added.

The Strauss memo advises Democrats that they should focus their registration efforts only on “specific, heavily pro-Biden populations.”

The Washington Post commented that “the rise in Trump support among nonregistered voters has run up against a long-held Democratic policy priority of growing the voter rolls.”

“In recent years, however, there has been a marked shift among the roughly 1 in 5 citizens of voting age who are unregistered toward Republicans, raising fresh questions about how much boosting nonpartisan voter registration could help presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump heading into November,” the media outlet stated.

The growing panic within the Democratic Party is palpable. It is being egged on by recent polling that shows President Biden is losing voters in key demographics in a political bloodbath. These are segments that have historically been registered to vote by Democrats, in turn, voting for them. That narrative has evidently been flipped on its head.

Gallup polling this year showed that Democrats currently hold the lowest lead they have had with Black voters over Republicans they have ever had dating back to when the polling began in 1999 and their 12-point advantage over Republicans with Hispanic voters is the lowest since 2011,” Fox News reported. “Polling also shows that young adults are supporting Democrats at their lowest level in almost two decades.”

“By 2010, young adults were the only age category giving the Democrats an edge, and their Democratic orientation remained strong until it fell to just eight points in 2023, the slimmest since 2005,” Gallup expounded in its report.

In 2016, approximately 51% of non-registered voters identified as Democrat or lean Democrat, according to Gallup polling. That is in contrast to 31% who identified as Republican or lean Republican. During the last year, those identifying as Democrats have plummeted to 42%. Republican support grew to 40%, according to the Washington Post.

A number of Democrats immediately attacked the doom-and-gloom reporting by the Washington Post on their registration efforts.

“If you’d ask me what keeps me up at night, it’s not that young people of color are going to defect to the Republican camp. My worst case scenario is that memos like this create a disinvestment — and that makes our job very hard,” Maria Teresa Kumar, president and CEO of Voto Latino, asserted while claiming the memo shows “implicit bias that the mainstream folks have internalized” and it “does a disservice because it’s trying to pit communities against each other in ways that are not helpful.”

“From a nonpartisan perspective, we should help close the turnout gap, which means if Latinos, blacks, and Asian Americans are registered at lower rates, then we need to increase registration,” Biden pollster Matt Barreto remarked to the Washington Post. “The unregistered people of color are still leaning Democratic. They might need more of a push. But they are not leaning in the opposite direction.”

All the nudging and pushing in the world will not make Biden more palatable to certain segments on both sides of the political spectrum this time around. Maybe it’s time for the Democrats to panic.


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