Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter peddles $5 THOUSAND knit portraits at NYC pot shop

Vice President Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter seeks to follow in Hunter Biden’s footsteps, it seems.

Ella Emhoff, daughter of second gentleman Doug Emhoff, has opened an exhibition at a cannabis store on the Lower East Side, but not to emulate Hunter’s stoner past so much as to make serious bank over her artistic talents — such as they are.

Ella is selling knit portraits in a textile exhibition that opened on Thursday. According to the New York Post, the “artwork” costs several thousand dollars and “marks her transition out of the fashion world and into her new phase of life as an artist.”

“This new art form kind of was birthed out of my knitwear, where I started kind of playing around with this duplicate stitch technique,” Emhoff, 24, told the Post.

“But I found that no one really wanted to wear all of this stuff, because it’s kind of crazy and loud, but they liked looking at it,” she explained. “So then I just started experimenting. And now I’m here.”

The exhibition is on display at Gotham NYC, which is reportedly billed as a “woman-owned legal cannabis concept store on the Bowery.”

We are to assume this is one of the few legal pot shops in the Big Apple. Just last month, Gov. Kathy Hochul called for an overhaul of the state agency overseeing New York’s legalized cannabis industry — CBS News reported that “a few more than 80 licensed stores have opened since the law was signed three years ago, while there are thousands of illegal cannabis shops operating.”

Ella had 14 textile pieces on display and she said the proceeds would go directly into her own pocket, according to the Post.

“Emhoff declined to address rumors the exhibition was a fundraiser for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, a controversial anti-Israel organization which she caught fire for publicly supporting just last month,” the newspaper reported.

She had two self-portraits in her collection that were said to be not only the most popular, but the most expensive — a  close-up of Emhoff’s bright red nose and freckly forehead will set you back $5,500.

Her motivation is to create pieces that “just kind of makes you smile.”

“Because these are all just objects [in the art] that I like, and I like looking at, but they obviously evoke some kind of happy emotion from people, because it’s a recognizable object in yarn,” she explained. “I’m testing the waters, because obviously, I know it takes a lot of effort and time and just like putting yourself out there. But you know, it’s been fun so far.”

Tom Tillison


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