Denver citizens urged to host illegal immigrants in their homes for a financial ‘stipend’

The city of Denver has been inundated with “more than 41,000 newcomers,” as the media has taken to dub illegal immigrants, and there is an effort being plugged by the same media to encourage residents of the city to “host” those who have little respect for our immigration laws, don’t share our values and are unlikely to prioritize assimilation.

“An organization in Denver is working to get migrants off the streets and into homes of host families across Colorado, and a new partnership is making that task easier than ever before. Hope Has No Borders began pairing migrant workers and their families with hosts in Colorado in late 2023. Now, with help from the United Way, getting paired up is a simple phone call away by dialing 211, Fox 31 reported.

Hope Has No Borders has paired 500 migrants with host families since late last year, according to the affiliate.


“It’s pretty significant, the number of people who are open to this idea,” said executive director Jenifer Kettering.

The gritty details are details are detailed on the group’s website, where it notes that host families taking in complete strangers at a time when sex offenders and potential terrorists are coming across the border in untold numbers are financially compensated for opening their homes and essentially becoming stash houses for illegal immigrants.

The website states: “This program connects compassionate community members who have extra space with migrant individuals or families in need of transitional housing. Providing hosts with a stipend for financial support & dedicated case management for guests, the program ensures a safe and supportive environment for migrants as they navigate life in America.”

The nonprofit organization also “provides up to $500 as a token of appreciation for volunteerism” to illegal immigrants and connects them “with renowned organizations seeking volunteers.”

Democratic Party come to mind? And who is funding all these expenses? Don’t expect corporate media to ask these questions.

Human trafficking has reached unchecked levels with the open border ushered in by the Biden regime, and everything the left does to facilitate the invasion in pursuit of a political agenda only worsens the humanitarian crisis. Much like we see with homelessness, the more you subsidize a behavior the more you see of it.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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