DeSantis: ‘Haitians land in the Florida Keys? Their next stop very well may be Martha’s Vineyard’

Air DeSantis could be taking off again as the Florida governor’s crusade against the Biden border crisis left Martha’s Vineyard on notice.

Haiti has become only the latest nation to fall into turmoil on President Joe Biden’s watch as the halcyon days of peace through strength were abandoned amidst a sense of chaos through corruption.

Compounding crises haven’t impeded Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) from leading the Sunshine State to proactive solutions that included a callback to a tide-turning measure impacting sanctuary city sentiments.

Appearing on “The Dana Loesch Show,” the statesman addressed how the federal government could impede deportation efforts of foreign nationals like Haitians, requiring efforts not only out at sea, but eye-opening domestic flights as well.

“We do have our transport program also that’s gonna be operational. So, Haitians land in the Florida Keys, their next stop very well may be Martha’s Vineyard,” stated the governor.

Loesch wondered if there would be any planned flights like those seen in 2022 to other cities across the country prompting DeSantis to express, “Well, hopefully it doesn’t come to that. But, I think that we’re gonna be ready.”

During a press conference Friday, America’s Governor explained that after he had deployed 250 Florida State Guard forces and law enforcement officials in direct response to the situation in Haiti, officers of the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission had interdicted a boat carrying over two dozen foreign nationals.

“Our Florida Fish and Wildlife officers interdicted a vessel that had 25 illegal immigrants, potential illegal immigrants, from Haiti,” said DeSantis. “In their boat, in their vessel, they had firearms, they had drugs, they had night vision gear, and were boating very recklessly, which would potentially endanger other folks.”

In addition to deploying more National Guardsmen and officers of the Florida Highway Patrol to assist Texas with securing the border, DeSantis reiterated to Loesch the extensive efforts his state had taken to tamp down on the crisis that included greater penalties for operating vehicles without a license and for those who commit a crime after re-entering the country following an initial deportation.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security, of which Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas had been impeached for “willful and systemic refusal to comply with the law” as well as a “breach of public trust” told CNN prior to DeSantis’ actions, “DHS is monitoring the situation in Haiti and coordinating closely with the State Department and international partners. At this time, irregular migration flows through the Caribbean remain low.”

The spokesperson added, “Those interdicted at sea are subject to immediate repatriation pursuant to our longstanding policy and procedures. The United States returns or repatriates migrants interdicted at sea to The Bahamas, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti.”

To DeSantis’ point about the importance of stopping the influx on the water, there was no mention of repatriation once illegal aliens made landfall, and CNN reported that the federal government was considering utilizing Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to facilitate the processing of Haitians into the United States.

Kevin Haggerty


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