Disney still bleeding? Disney Movie Club nixed, DVD and Blu-Ray production outsourced to Sony

The slow death by DEI continued to bleed Disney dry as executives in denial announced cost-saving measures to offset panned products.

Hemorrhaging at the House of Mouse came with a potential boon for a competitor as the entertainment company’s quest to downsize included the outsourcing of its physical media production and distribution. According to The Digital Bits, a new deal inked with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment meant the rival would be handling all DVD and Blu-Ray operations moving forward.

Having previously ensnared Disney with the cinematic rights to Spider-Man, the latest arrangement further tangled the media giant in Sony’s web. This also spelled the end for the Disney Movie Club as customers received a message stating, “After 23 Magical Years, It’s Time To Say Goodbye.”

“We have made the difficult decision to close the Disney Movie Club,” the message continued. “We will miss the opportunity to serve cherished Disney fans like you! The last day to order is May 20, 2024.”

Meanwhile, after a year that included more than 7,000 layoffs worldwide for Disney, as CEO Bob Iger endeavored to save $7.5 billion, with expressed goals of shaving off another $2 billion, an unnamed Disney executive provided telling commentary to Puck’s Matt Belloni about how the company has responded to dreadful reviews from their latest millstone movie offerings.

“Everyone says ‘It’s the movies, stupid,’ which is an easy thing for people to say. More appealing movies are a great way to jump the political issues. But more and more, our audience (or the segment of the audience that has been politicized) equate the perceived messaging in a film as a quality issue,” the executive said.

“They won’t say they find female empowerment distasteful in The Marvels or Star Wars the latest trilogy starring Daisy Ridley, but they will say they don’t like those movies because they are ‘bad,'” continued the commentary. “So ‘make better movies’ becomes code for ‘make movies that conform to regressive gender stereotypes or put men front and center in the narrative.'”

Breitbart’s John Nolte disregarded the politics and broke down Disney’s ability to pass even common core math to right their ship as he gave an example of a typical expensive blockbuster. “So, if the Disney Grooming Syndicate needs $300 million to have a hit on its hands, how many tickets must Disney sell? The answer is about 33 million,” or about ten percent of only the U.S. population.

“When less than ten percent of the population is required to turn your movie into a hit, and you blame your flops on sexism, you must believe that more than 90 percent of the population is sexist,” added Nolte who noted the figure amounted to roughly half the voters that turned out for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“…this idiot Disney exec must also believe that most of the people who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 are sexist,” he said. “Hillary got nearly 66 million votes. Only half of those voters are need to turn Disney movies into financial successes, so there you go.”

The refusal to drop the woke in their productions, along with the billions bet on their streaming platforms, came as tech entrepreneur Elon Musk had recently emphasized the “Inclusion Standards” set by Disney that boiled down to “mandatory, institutionalized racism and sexism!”

In combating this, the billionaire promised to aid those “discriminated against by Disney or its subsidiaries,” with legal support.

This included MMA fighter turned actress Gina Carano who announced in early February that she was filing a wrongful termination suit against Disney and Lucasfilm seeking compensation for projects she was removed from along with other damages following a jury trial.

“It was a bullying smear campaign aimed at silencing, destroying & making an example out of me,” said Carano.

Kevin Haggerty


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