DNC preps for protests against ‘Genocide Joe’ at Chicago convention amid concerns about mayor

Fears of protests against President Joe Biden at this summer’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago have organizers looking to make the bait and switch by moving the event to semi-online to avoid an ugly scene.

Just like during the Vietnam War era, Democrats are faced with a monster of their own making as a sizable element of the party’s base is revolting against “Genocide Joe” and his failure to engineer a ceasefire in Gaza, as the hippies did during the chaotic 1968 convention which was also held in the Windy City.

According to a bombshell Politico report, Biden’s advisers are now looking to model the late August convention after 2020, the COVID-era extravaganza in which live human interaction was severely limited, a typically cynical move to protect the geriatric incumbent from his own base.

“Trumpeting the success of their Covid-era convention four years ago, some in Biden’s orbit are aggressively pushing to make the 2024 conclave a hybrid production. That would mean in-person speeches from the president, party luminaries and rising stars to draw television attention alongside a mix of pre-recorded testimonials and videos from other parts of the country,” the outlet reported.

“The goal: drive maximum viewership on television and the internet while minimizing live programming and openings for protest in Chicago’s United Center,” according to Politico, which quotes an unnamed convention planner, “If there is one peep in that hall, the networks will be all over it.”

“What alarms some Democratic strategists is the evolution of this era’s protests. Protesters are savvier — they’ve managed to get inside dozens of events featuring the president and vice president — and their demonstrations also include some bad actors who are determined to provoke a reaction,” the outlet noted.

The story also cites concerns about Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson – a former teacher’s union organizer – who is sympathetic to the protesters and “has yet to fully make the jump from activist to mayor of one of America’s largest cities.”

“If there’s any mayor that understands the value of protest and demonstration, it’s me,” Johnson told reporters this week when asked about the potential of unrest at the party’s showcase event. “Without protests and real demands of a government, people of color and women do not have a place in society.”

“When I asked him what his vision of a successful Democratic convention looked like, Johnson repeated the same formulation — ‘safe, vibrant and energetic’ — before saying he wanted young people to ‘see what democracy really looks like,’” wrote the Politico columnist, Jonathan Martin. “At no point did he mention Joe Biden or the importance of the convention in helping the president’s reelection.”

The sneaky scheme was soundly criticized by X users.

“The DNC’s attempt to sideline genuine discourse and sanitize the convention undermines the spirit of democracy that our party’s voting base expects them to champion,” the Uncommitted National Movement said in a statement, blasting the move to sanitize the convention to protect Biden from being embarrassed.

“Open the party doors to genuine debate, let delegates speak freely, and show that the party still stands for the basic tenets of freedom and democracy,” the group said. “At a time when democracy itself is at stake, we expect a ‘pro-democracy’ president to welcome members of his party who care about the basic rights of Palestinians as much as he does Israelis and Americans.”

So much for all of that malarkey about being the most transparent administration in history.

Chris Donaldson


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