‘That comes from the bench’: Judge tells Michael Cohen to shut up about Trump trial

The judge presiding over former President Donald Trump’s case has requested that Michael Cohen shut the hell up.

Judge Juan Merchan issued the request Friday after Trump’s lawyers raised concerns about the out-of-court statements Cohen’s been making.

“I would direct the people to communicate to Mr. Cohen that the judge is asking him to refrain from making any more statements about this case,” the judge said, according to ABC News. “That comes from the bench and you are communicating that on behalf of the bench.”

Prior to Merchan issuing the order, Trump attorney Todd Blanche listed numerous examples of Cohen inappropriately running his mouth, including one of a TikTok video with Cohen wearing a photo showing Trump behind bars:

“It’s becoming a problem every single day that President Trump is not allowed to respond to this witness,” Blanche argued in court. “[Cohen] has stated on social media that he is going to stop talking and he doesn’t.”

“As has been reported, because it’s true, Mr. Cohen has started going on TikTok nightly and literally making money — apparently you can make money — with people doing things while they’re watching you on TikTok,” he added.

Former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons, an ABC News contributor, previously said that if he were part of the prosecution in this case, he would “be furious” over Cohen running his mouth and hemorrhaging his credibility.

Jeremy Saland, a defense attorney who previously worked in the same district attorney’s office that is prosecuting the Trump case, even speculated that Cohen’s yapping will ultimately benefit Trump, not the court.

“I have no doubt that Team Trump is scrutinizing and listening and watching whatever they can, and they are rightfully going to weaponize it in a court of law to tear down his credibility,” he said.

“If I’m the prosecution, I’m on the phone right now saying, ‘Stop what you are doing — right now. I can’t make you, but you need to stop for your own sake because it’s going to get worse for you in that courtroom. And you are compromising the case,'” he added.

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But although Cohen’s yapping might help Trump, the former president still doesn’t like it, especially since Merchan only issued a warning to him versus a gag order.

“There is no gag order for Michael Cohen,” Trump said Friday after court, according to The Hill. “What the judge did was amazing, actually. Everybody can say whatever they want, but I’m not allowed to say anything about anybody. It’s a disgrace. What he just did now is a joke. It’s a disgrace.”

Trump is mad because, unlike Cohen, he has a gag order placed against him — one he’s repeatedly violated. Earlier this very week, in fact, Merchan fined Trump $1,000 after accusing him of having violated the gag order for the 10th time.

As previously reported, Merchan also warned that Trump could face jail time if he keeps violating the gag order.

All this comes days out before Cohen is set to testify against Trump by detailing his role in negotiating the infamous hush money payment that Trump made to keep porn performer Stormy Daniels silent after he had an alleged affair with her prior to the 2016 presidential election.

While Cohen is a star witness for the prosecution, his credibility has already been massively damaged by his past, which includes convictions for campaign finance violations, making false statements to Congress, and tax evasion.

Plus, there’s the fact that Cohen worked for Trump for years without any complaint, only turning against the former president after he assumed office in early 2017.

Cohen is also active on the social media platform X, where Trump-hating Democrat voters have themselves been begging him to shut up so that he doesn’t jeopardize the case against Trump:

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