‘Do not lose your life over a f-ing car!’ Brazen thieves tell homeowners to stay inside as they swipe Corvette

Proponents of the Second Amendment have more proof that restrictive gun laws will only benefit unlawful criminals.

A disturbing video from California showed a group of thugs trying to brazenly steal a car from someone’s driveway. Doorbell security footage caught the theft of the Corvette underway, and picked up audio of the threats being made by the hooded lawbreakers.

“Don’t f–king come out,” one hoodie-wearing thief yelled.

“If you f–king come out I will shoot you,” he added. “Do not come out!”

His accomplice chimed in, “It’s a f–king car, don’t lose your life!”

“For years California Democrats have gone after the 2nd Amendment rights of American Citizens as our states becomes more dangerous by the day,” the X account World Peace Movement shared along with the video clip. “They want We The People to be defenseless even though rape and murder is on the rise and lawlessness is rampant.”

Other X users expressed their anger and shock over the “brazen” act.

Frieda Powers


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