Donna Brazile recycles the Big Lie of Biden being ‘the moderate in the race’

Unfavorable views of President Joe Biden and the growing potential of a meaningful protest vote triggered quite the spin from Donna Brazile on her party leader’s place on the political spectrum.

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Though not as drastic a spread as it was a year ago, after gas prices had reached a record high and inflation was the worst in 40 years, disapproval of Biden has remained in double digits for much of his administration. Last week, new polling conducted by Axios found a considerable number of fence-sitters could stray to a third party, prompting a renewed claim of the president’s “moderate” position.

Joining a panel on ABC’s “This Week,” the former chair of the Democratic National Committee was presented by host George Stephanopoulos with the idea that “Democrats are terrified” by the No Labels Party and their potential of handing a victory over to former President Donald Trump.

In response, Brazille made the case that Biden is “the moderate in the race” as she seemingly supported Stephanopoulos’ premise, pointing to past examples of where Republicans had won out when a known third-party candidate was on the ballot.

“Democrats have a lot of experience of third-party candidates basically biting at our heels and of course, turning the election over to the Republicans,” she started. “We saw that with Ralph Nader in 2000. I experienced it personally. I’m no longer crying, and we saw it again in 2016 with Jill Stein.”

“So yeah, there’s, you know, we know this is going to be a close election. And George, regardless of where the polls stand today, it’s gonna come down to three or four states and likely less than 100,000 people across those states, so yeah. Every vote matters,” the political strategist continued. “We have a multiparty system in the United States. I tell that to people all the time. You want a socialist, a libertarian, a reform — whatever you want.”

“So, I don’t see them filling a vacuum. I see them trying to make an argument that there needs to be a moderate,” Brazile said of No Labels before dishing out her spin. “Well, the moderate is Joe Biden. That’s the moderate in the race. They’re saying there needs to be another choice. Well, we offer plenty of choices in American politics.”

Regardless of how she tried to sell it, with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) slated to headline a town hall in New Hampshire Monday with the third party group, swing state voters who might otherwise land in the Democratic camp seemed poised to choose another option when confronted with a rematch of the 2020 election.

According to the results from Axios, a nameless candidate considered “a moderate, independent,” without defining those terms, would garner 21 percent support in a general election, potentially giving Trump the edge in November 2024.


The reason for her spin was obvious, but Biden’s record stood on its own radical progressive legs.

Kevin Haggerty


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