Dr. Phil dismantles DEI advocate: ‘That was called Marxism’

Dr. Phil McGraw schooled an advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), a concept that has been tried before with disastrous consequences.

On a recent edition of his “Dr. Phil Primetime” show, the beloved daytime television psychologist discussed the relentless pushing of the un-American concept and its negative impacts on society with his guests, including Pastor James Ward Jr. and Professor Erec Smith of Pennsylvania’s York College – both of whom are black – and white liberal corporate DEI advocate Rachel Kargas.

Ward noted the selective application of DEI, especially when it comes to professional sports, wondering “Where are the Asian, Latino, and Hispanic basketball and football players? Where are the black guys in the National Hockey League?”

He also said that DEI hustlers who “pretend that they are God” with their social meddling have created an ideological “new civil war” in America.

Kargas referred to a popular drawing of three people standing on boxes to look over a fence to defend DEI, the image shows the difference between “equality” and “equity” to make the case for the bestowing of special treatment upon the lazy and undeserving to level the societal playing field.

“When we’re talking about diversity, equity, and inclusion, we’re talking about the fact that some demographics come to the table and have to overcome racism, unconscious bias, misogyny, and so how do we help level the playing field for everyone?” Kargas argued.

“Okay, so that means you’re trying to create equality of outcome?” McGraw then asked, to which the DEI queen agreed.

“That’s what I hear you saying about playing God,” he said, turning to Pastor Ward before turning back to Kargas.

“How do you create equality of outcome when people aren’t the same? You’re right, some people are shorter, some people are taller looking over that fence, they can’t both play in the NBA. You can’t create equality of outcome. What gives a DEI program the right to come in and try and alter the nature of things to create equality of outcome?” McGraw asked.

“That’s been tried, that didn’t work, that was called Marxism,” he pointed out.

“This country was built on hard work, talent, added value, merit. That you do something merits,” McGraw said during a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show” where he drew applause from Jimmy Fallon’s audience. “We got too many people pushing for equality of outcome independent of input.”

No fan of DEI, the clinical psychologist responded to a December post to X by Elon Musk who said, “DEI must DIE. The point was to end discrimination, not replace it with different discrimination.”

“DEI is a dangerous form of political power where the loudest voice drowns out the voices we would benefit from hearing. In terms of corporate America, companies that institute DEI programs miss the point. Diverse perspectives are a good thing; they help teams better understand challenges, solve problems, and connect with customers. But that comes from diverse individuals, not group quotas,” McGraw said.

Chris Donaldson


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