UNREAL: CNN commentator said O.J. ‘represented something for the black community’ because white people were dead

The death of former star NFL running back and accused double murderer O.J. Simpson dominated media coverage after the news broke and leftists rushed to relitigate his controversial legacy with their racial spin.

Much discussion centered around the so-called “trial of the century” nearly three decades ago when a majority black jury in Los Angeles sought to send a message to white people by acquitting “the Juice” for the savage slaughter of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her young male friend Ronald Goldman.

The award for the most horrifically racist take of the day goes to CNN political commentator Ashley Allison, a former Biden staffer, who suggested that blacks rallied around Simpson because his victims were white, an astoundingly racist view that wasn’t instantly rebuked by her fellow talking heads.

(Video: CNN)

“Ashley Allison,” exclaimed “CNN Ths Morning” co-host Kasie Hunt. “Can you take us into, I mean you touched on how this really did divide the country in racial ways, kind of what the meaning of this was from that perspective,” as the floor was turned over to her.

“Yeah I mean I posted something on social media last night about what was our conversation in your home in 1995 when the verdict came down,” Allison responded. “And what was it last night when we found out O.J. died?  And I, my premise is that it’s still rooted on race and the issue is the reason why that case was so charged.”

“I too got to watch the verdict in 8th grade,” she continued. “And I saw it happening. I cheered, I was happy. I don’t think I had a concept of like who was guilty and who was not. I was a child. I probably shouldn’t have even been watching the case about two people being killed at the end of the day.”

“But it was so racially charged because of what had happened just before with Rodney King, but also just how black Americans feel about policing,” Allison said.

“It’s not like O.J. Simpson was the leader of the civil rights movement in his era. You know, he wasn’t a social justice leader. But he represented something for the black community in that moment in that trial, particularly because there were two white people who had been killed,” she continued, seeming to suggest that whitey had it coming before whining about black victimhood.

“And the history around how black people had been persecuted during slavery, there were just so many layers, and I guess I’ll just close with this,” she said, wrapping up her insanely racist take. “There was racial tension then, there is racial tension now. It might not be the backdrop of the Trump campaign, but until this country is ready to actually have an honest conversation about the racial dynamics from our origin story until today, we will always have moments like O.J. Simpson that manifest and our country will always be divided if we don’t actually deal with the issue of race.”

Yes, the country will always be divided and much of it is because of the anti-white race hatred that CNN and the rest of the corrupt state media pump into the media ecosystem every day of the week, 365 days a year.

Chris Donaldson


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