‘We need to get you sweaty’: Critics blast FBI’s interrogation of Trump’s valet after transcript exposed

A redacted version of the FBI interview of former President Trump’s valet from 2022 was unsealed, raising questions about the probe of sensitive materials boxed at the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida.

The unsealed transcript shows Walt Nauta being questioned by FBI agents in May 2022, Nauta has denied charges against him alleging he obstructed federal agents by moving boxes around the former president’s Palm Beach home.

While some media reports on the unsealed document focused on the agents seeming to question whether Nauta was coached in his responses, another look at the transcript raised concerns about the disturbing line of questioning.

The FBI examined Nauta without Trump’s knowledge, peppering him with questions about “not just the movement of boxes but Trump’s habits and conversations,” according to journalist Julie Kelly.

“Just imagine the FBI doing this to any other former president,” she wrote on X.

“Does anybody know that you’re here other than your attorney?” an agent asked Nauta, according to the transcript.

When Nauta responded in the negative, he was further asked, “What about the former President? Does he know?”

“No. As far as he knows, I’m out jogging,” Trump’s valet replied.

“FBI agents (unidentified for now but I believe they were out of the Washington FBI office of course) lowkey accuse Nauta of being something other than an aide and pressure him to snitch on his boss–Trump,” Kelly wrote in another post.

Part of the transcript showed FBI agents taking advantage of “Nauta’s loyalties as a Navy officer to suggest Trump is risking the lives of those who produced the papers” according to Kelly who added, “Dirty bastards.”

One agent’s repeated use of the phrase “you know” led Kelly to remark they sounded like “Valley Girls.”

Agents seemed interested in what “personal items” Trump kept in boxes.


Frieda Powers


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