Dylan Mulvaney’s new ultra-cringe misogynistic pop video pushes ‘candy-coated obscenity’ 

Trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney debuted a new stomach-turning music video last week that is not only misogynistic but also pushes alcohol, drugs, and sex on young girls.

Writer Amber Duke over at the Daily Mail was sickened by Mulvaney mocking women by “cosplaying a biological female” and attempting to lead young girls down a twisted path. She believes that any brand endorsing or supporting the transgender should get boycotted immediately. The Daily Mail calls the video’s messaging a “candy-coated obscenity.”

Mulvaney’s new video, brazenly titled “Days of Girlhood,” was definitely a surprise and not a good one as Duke said, “But did anyone anticipate the assault on eyes and ears that was about to be unleashed?”

“That social media series hit all of the classic sexist tropes: women are addicted to clothes, cry when they see bugs, regularly frolic in meadows, and can’t control their emotions,” Duke aptly wrote.

(Video Credit: Dylan Mulvaney)

The beginning of the video starts with a pop beat as Mulvaney gets out of a pink convertible, dropping and grabbing heels while stumbling to the front door of a mansion.

“After a quick makeup check, a slug of champagne, a lounge on a frilly red comforter, and a glance at a pill-packed medicine cabinet, it’s off to the pool. The lyrics to the song are somehow worse than the candy-coated aesthetics,” Duke noted.

“Monday, can’t get out of bed … Tuesday morning, pick up meds … Wednesday, retail therapy … ‘Cash or credit?’ I say, ‘Yes’ … Thursday, had a walk of shame … Didn’t even know his namе … Friday night, I’ll overspend … Saturday, we flirt for drinks,” Mulvaney sings.

The video not only sets an incredibly horrid example for young girls, but it also insultingly portrays all women as being sex-starved, depressed shopping addicts who pop pills constantly to deal with life.

“Poolside, Mulvaney and friends perform stilted, synchronized routines in WWII-era bathing suits. The sets and costumes are awash in Barbie and millennial pink, big hair, and heavy, glittery makeup,” Duke wrote.

“It’s unimaginative slop and could be the premise of an old Saturday Night Live skit. But this video is 100 percent for real, and coming from a biological male, it’s offensive,” she added.

In the video, the transgender laughably sings about “learn[ing] the basics” of being a girl. Disturbingly, Mulvaney takes on the persona of a little girl in the video, wearing pigtails and showing a bare midriff. His voice also takes on a childish quality.

Calling women of all ages,” Mulvaney rallies in the video.

Duke wonders since President Biden has endorsed Mulvaney as a role model for LGBTQ youth, does the White House also condone girls drinking booze, popping pills, and having forgettable sex with someone who is also just as forgettable?

“Mulvaney’s millions of followers – many of whom are no doubt children and teens – would surely benefit from a more positive example. But instead, Mulvaney appears to revel in this national emergency singing, ‘Sunday, the Twilight soundtrack cues my breakdown in the bath,’ while sinking lower in the water,” Duke wrote in the Daily Mail.

“It’s not helpful to tell girls that perpetual victimhood is something aspirational, nor is it healthy to suggest substance abuse or reckless sexual behavior is a legitimate coping mechanism,” the author asserted.

According to the Daily Mail, Mulvaney is partnering with Ulta, Nike, Crest, Kate Spade, and other major brands. All of which deserve to be boycotted according to Duke.

“How ironic that Mulvaney sings, ‘Boys on the dance floor, it’s finally clear … The patriarchy is over, you can hold our beer!'” the author wrote. “That last line is, of course, a reference to the Bud Light boycott that ensued after the brand decided to pursue an ad deal with Mulvaney.”

Duke correctly calls out Mulvaney’s dangerous messaging to young girls in her piece as well.

“Unfortunately, Americans can’t rely on the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the political left to recognize Mulvaney’s obscenity, so people of good faith should vote with their dollar,” she said wrapping up her post. “If there was ever a time to boycott a brand associated with Dylan Mulvaney – it is now.”


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