Elderly man books one way ticket back to China after several beatings, it’s ‘too dangerous’ in San Francisco

An 87-year-old immigrant has booked a one-way ticket back to Communist China because he believes it will be safer for him to live under the CCP than it is to continue living in San Francisco.

Rongxin Liao will be flying back to Guangzhou, Guangdong, on Saturday, his son, Jing Liao, told The San Francisco Standard.

“It’s too dangerous here,” Jing said in Cantonese. “Public safety situation in San Francisco has become worse and worse.”

Liao knows that to be true. While living in San Francisco, the elderly man has been viciously attacked on multiple occasions.

One of the attacks, caught on a surveillance camera in 2020, garnered national headlines due to its brutality.

Liao can be seen in his walker when a random thug comes out of nowhere and jump-kicks him to the ground.

“Liao appeared in court multiple times, asking the judge to sentence the attacker to a harsh punishment,” The Standard reports. “Liao’s family later appeared in a recall campaign advertisement against then-District Attorney Chesa Boudin.”

Liao’s attacker, Eric Ramos-Hernandez, “was charged with assault and inflicting injuries on an elder. He was jailed for seven months and then admitted to Mental Health Diversion, which meant he was released for treatment at home,” The Standard reported in Dec. 2021.

During his release “Ramos-Hernandez was arrested and convicted of a misdemeanor in the South Bay, which put him back in custody,” according to the outlet.

But it wasn’t Liao’s only run-in with violent thugs.

Last year, on Oct. 1, the man was reportedly punched multiple times by an attacker when he ventured to Walgreens on Market Street to get his medication, he told the Chinese-language newspaper, Sing Tao Daily, which first reported on Liao’s farewell dinner. Though his injuries weren’t life-threatening, the beating did send him to a local hospital.

And, seven years ago, Liao said he was beaten unconscious in the Tenderloin. while on his way to church.

The grandfather “woke up in the emergency room of St. Francis Memorial Hospital with a partly fractured hand that required eight stitches,” according to the New York Post. “Despite being questioned by police multiple times, his attacker was never found, and the case was dropped.”

“I don’t want to be a drag to my son here,” Liao told Sing Tao Daily. “I don’t want him to worry about me all the time.”

Liao, who was living in SoMa, came to San Francisco nearly a quarter-century ago. Prior to heading back to China, he’ll be stopping back at the hospital to “check on his eye injuries resulting from the last attack,” The Standard reports.

“You know it’s bad when people rather live under a Communist dictatorship than San Francisco,” remarked Collin Rugg on X.

“And you can be sure,” replied Juanita Broaddrick, “Nancy Pelosi doesn’t give a hoot.”

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