Elementary teacher celebrates confusing children who can’t tell her gender: ‘That’s the goal’

A Minnesota elementary school teacher joined the internet “hall of shame” after she posted a video that summed up her “goal” when it comes to promoting her gender ideology on students.

Valentine Hills Elementary is a Minnesota school in the Mounds View Public Schools district in the northern portion of the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. It is there that Kourtney Ryan, presumably a woman, was said to work as a music teacher actively aiming to confuse students about her gender.

After posting a video of herself online, the watchdog group Inside The Classroom helped promote the short clip they had first shared in January by pointing out that the elementary school had ceased to monitor its Twitter account in December. During the roughly 30-second post, Ryan recounts a conversation between a student and a fellow faculty member.

“The students asked the other teacher if I’m a boy or a girl, and the teacher was like, ‘Does it matter?'”

Assenting to the teacher’s logic, the child was said to go on, “No, I just, I just can’t figure it out. It’s just so hard. I can’t figure it out.”

Having gleefully reenacted the struggle of the unidentified child, Ryan then displayed her own satisfaction with a victorious fist pump as she said, “And I was just like, yes, that’s the goal. That’s the goal.”

Parents were understandably frustrated with the admission and, speaking with Alpha News, one said, “I am very upset that this teacher is saying that her goal is to confuse kids. Her personal life has no place in an elementary school. She is wearing a mask and her lanyard, which she wears while on the clock as a teacher paid by taxpayers.”

Another who reportedly had removed his daughter from the elementary school over their lesson materials expressed, “These are discussions about life, sexuality, and human development that parents should have with their children.”

“When an elementary teacher injects herself into that relationship between a parent and a child by making the child confused about gender and sexuality, they are violating the trust and relationship between a parent and a child,” he went on. “When a school allows professional staff to behave this way there are negative consequences in learning. The classroom is no longer an equal and safe place for everybody.”

The outlet wasn’t alone in reaching out for comment as Fox News Digital also sought out Ryan and the school’s public relations directors, but did not receive a reply prior to this post. However, the school’s website does proudly include “equity” as a top priority on their home page, linking to the outlined mission established in 2012 and updated in 2020 to, “Establish annual training for staff in the areas of anti-racism, implicit bias, equity and inclusion,” and, “Redesign curriculum and materials to be more culturally responsive and to include absent narratives.”

Others shared similar reactions to parents on social media as some wondered if Ryan still had her job with Valentine Hills where she is still listed in the directory.

Kevin Haggerty


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