Elon Musk responds to now-former Twitter employee who publicly criticized him: ‘He’s fired’

It’s been a rude awaking for the pampered and privileged employees at Twitter since billionaire Elon Musk took control of the social media giant and a message has been sent loud and clear of what will happen to anyone who thinks that it’s a good idea to take pot shots at the boss on the platform.

In a matter of a few short weeks, the Tesla/SpaceX CEO has carried out a major housecleaning at the San Francisco-based company, wasting no time in whacking former Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal and top censor Vijaya Gadde as well as cutting thousands of other lesser jobs, and now engineer Eric Frohnhoefer has joined the ranks of the unemployed.

Frohnhoefer drew the wrong kind of attention when he decided to call out the new “Chief Twit” after Musk took to the platform to apologize for slow speeds in several countries, explaining it by using technical jargon.

“Btw, I’d like to apologize for Twitter being super slow in many countries. App is doing >1000 poorly batched RPCs just to render a home timeline!” Musk wrote.

Perhaps he missed the memo that there was a new sheriff in town or maybe he was just being a smartass but the now-former engineer shot back at Musk, “I have spent ~6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can say this is wrong.”

One user responded with a nickel’s worth of free advice.

“I have been a developer for 20 years. And I can tell you that as the domain expert here you should inform your boss privately,” the user who identifies as a software engineer tweeted. “Trying to one up him in public while he is trying to learn and be helpful makes you look like a spiteful self serving dev.”

Still not getting it, Frohnhoefer replied, “Maybe he should ask questions privately. Maybe using Slack or email.”

Musk was understandably not amused.

“He’s fired,” the boss wrote in a short but sweet rebuttal that appeared to later be deleted.

Disgruntled Twitter employees who survived the mass layoff have been griping about how the mean man Musk is now making them cough up the dough for their own meals, Frohnhoefer ensured that he wouldn’t be among them anymore.

Musk’s takeover and the leveling of the playing field by effectively stripping the haughty blue checks of their exclusivity with his $8-a-month verification offer that would expand the coveted status to any mere peasant who will pay the fee has seriously rattled leftists, even to the extent where a Washington Post employee colluded with a sitting U.S. Senator to provide the pretense for Democrats in Congress to punish him for his management of Twitter.

Green New Deal zealot and career politician Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts demanded that Musk answer questions after the WaPo reporter set up a fraudulent account in his name.

Musk then thumbed his nose at the authoritarian lawmaker, mocking him with an epic response.

“Perhaps it is because your real account sounds like a parody?” Musk wrote,

“And why does your pp have a mask!?” Musk asked for good measure, mocking the silly face diaper that the career leech on the backs of taxpayers featured in his profile picture.

Musk’s quick counterstrike against the wayward engineer should instill a sense of respect in the rest of Twitter’s remaining employees, especially with the deep cuts being announced by other Big Tech companies including Meta/Facebook and Amazon.

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Chris Donaldson


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