Elon Musk says ‘damp puppet’ Biden is ‘treating Americans like fools’

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President Joe Biden appears to hate the most successful electric car company in the world. That company’s owner, Elon Musk, is now taking notice.

The president’s apparent distaste for Tesla first emerged in the fall, when Reason magazine noted that the president’s “Build Back Better” plan contained a provision that would provide “you $12,000 for buying an electric car … unless it’s a Tesla.”

This Wednesday, the president, a man who purports to care deeply about clean energy, took his apparent anti-Tesla hate to the next level by meeting with its competitors to praise them for their supposed clean energy work.

“President Joe Biden met with the company’s biggest competitors at the White House to applaud their efforts–with Tesla CEO Elon Musk notably absent,” according to Forbes.

“CEOs of General Motors, Ford and engine-maker Cummins basked in the glow of the president’s praise for their efforts to curb carbon pollution, boost U.S. manufacturing and support Biden’s stalled Build Back Better legislation.”

And then after the meeting, the president posted a tweet praising GM and Ford for “building more electric vehicles here at home than ever before”:

Musk did not appreciate the snub

Look at his brutal responses below:

FYI, GM and Ford are primarily known for producing carbon-consuming vehicles. Tesla, on the other hands, produces only electric cars.

In fact, “Tesla has not only built more electric vehicles in the U.S. than any other automaker, it’s also exported more EVs than any other automaker,” according to Green Car Reports.

Yet not only did the president snub Tesla, but he did so hours before the clean energy company’s latest earnings call. During the call, it was announced that the company had just “closed out its best year in company history posting quarterly and annual profit records.”

“Tesla set a record in 2021 by producing nearly 1 million electric cars and crossovers at plants in California and China. The company is also about to begin production at a massive new EV plant in Austin, Texas, in the weeks ahead. Even so, Biden has yet to visit any of Tesla’s U.S. facilities or meet publicly with Musk,” Forbes notes.

So why all the apparent hate? Because Tesla isn’t friendly with United Auto Workers, the high-powered union that the Democrat Party views as a staunch ally, despite said union’s history of deep, deep, deep corruption:

And this incestuous affair between UAW and the Democrat Party is, according to Reason magazine, the reason “Build Back Better” has been designed to direct electric vehicle purchasers to any company but Tesla.

“[C]ustomers are being nudged for political reasons: a kickback to a key constituency of Biden’s party,” the magazine noted in its report last year.

And this, similarly, is why Musk tweeted that “Biden is treating the American public like fools.”

That being said, his tweets triggered anger, rage and defensiveness from the president’s fiercest groupies:

One critic wrote, “You know with all your money @elonmusk you would think you could do good for this country and the people.”

According to a Recode report published in April, “Over just the first four months of 2021, Musk has committed almost $150 million directly to charities.”

During his nearly 50-year-long career in office meanwhile, Biden and his team “gave” millions upon millions upon millions to … themselves.

Vivek Saxena


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