Elon Musk throws wrench into ‘Great Replacement Theory,’ pointing to glaring ‘problem’

There’s a problem with the controversial “Great Replacement Theory,” according to Elon Musk.

It “fails to address the foundational issue of low birth rates,” the billionaire father of 11 wrote on X.

Musk’s comments come in response to Dutch activist Eva Vlaardingerbroek’s recent speech at CPAC Hungary — one which has the establishment “losing its absolute mind.”

“I spoke the forbidden truth: The Great Replacement is no longer a theory – it’s reality,” Vlaardingerbroek stated. “White Europeans are being replaced in their own countries at an ever accelerating rate and it will mean the end of our civilization if we don’t turn things around.”

White Europeans aren’t being replaced, Musk argued. European countries are “simply shrinking away.”

“Record low birth rates are leading to population collapse in Europe and even faster population collapse in most of Asia,” Musk wrote. “Immigration is low in Asia, so there is no ‘replacement’ going on, the countries are simply shrinking away.”

“If this doesn’t turn around, then any countries on Earth with low birth rates will become empty of people and fall into ruin, like the remains we see of the many long dead civilizations,” he warned.

Musk has been sounding the alarms over plunging global birth rates for some time now.

“Any nation with a birth rate below replacement will eventually cease to exist,” he stated earlier this month.

“Greece is one of dozens of countries experiencing population collapse due to low birth rates,” he said in another post.

It’s a topic Musk has been keeping tabs on for years.

“USA birth rate has been below min sustainable levels for ~50 years,” he wrote in May 2022.

Users on X pushed back against Musk’s “problem” with the Great Replacement Theory.

“It’s both,” replied GOP hero Scott Presler. “In America, we are literally being replaced by illegal aliens.”

“An illegal alien murdered Laken Riley — one of our daughters was stolen from us, while an illegal alien lives in her place,” Presler stated. “At the same time, abortion is prioritized over family planning & families that would love to have more children can’t afford them.”

It was a point several users echoed:

“Yes, we have falling birth rates across the West,” replied one user. “But that doesn’t mean the solution is importing the rest of the world to ‘solve’ the population decline.

“What’s a civilization without civilized people?”

Melissa Fine


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