Enraged passenger UNLOADS on NYC Mayor Adams during return flight from Miami

While some may suggest it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, the fact that New York City Mayor Eric Adams was berated by a foul-mouthed anti-Israel zealot is a product of his party’s doing.

Democrats have been encouraging in-your-face civil discourse for years now, under the assumption that Republicans would be the target. Subsequently, there is a sense of satisfaction for many on the right in seeing the left eat its own over Israel’s determination to eradicate the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Mayor Adams was flying back to New York on Monday after a weekend in Miami when an enraged pro-Palestine protester spotted him on the plane.

“Are you Eric Adams?” she asked, and when the mayor confirmed that he was, she fired back, “Yeah, F*ck you!”

“You support the genocide in Palestine. There are homeless people all over New York, yet you’re always partying,” the unhinged woman continued as the man sitting next to Adams stood up to create a barrier between them.

Hizzoner is heard saying to someone, “She can’t fly.”

For the record, according to the New York Post, Adams was in Miami to attend the 2024 Concordia Americas Summit, where he spoke about the migrant crisis in his city.

“You don’t actually care about the citizens of New York,” the angry woman ranted on. “Why are you even in Miami? You know there are people being arrested there? People are homeless in New York. People cannot afford food. You keep cutting the education budget so that you can fund the police. That’s all you care about, funding the police. Everything is underfunded because of you.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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