Eric Adams never doubted his destiny, claims God told him: ‘Eric, you’re going to be mayor’

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Ah, the joys of being a Democrat… New York Mayor Eric Adams has declared his ascent to lead the most populous city in America a divine intervention in a confession that would have drawn widespread media scorn for any Republican who dared to make such a suggestion.

Adams launched a new City Hall office for faith-based initiatives on Thursday and in reporting on the development, Politico said the mayor “declared that his rise to the mayoralty was driven by God.”

“I never doubted it for one moment,” he said, of one day becoming mayor of the Big Apple. “God told me, ‘Eric, you’re going to be mayor.’”

After giving “a fiery speech” at an interfaith breakfast at the New York Public Library, Politico reported that Adams signed an executive order creating the Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnership. It would seem that the separation of church and state is of less importance to Democrats when they hold the reigns of power.

The mayor was caught up in a controversy of sorts dubbed “FishGate,” after it was learned that he sometimes orders fish when dining out — Adams has said he adheres to a plant-based diet, according to the online political news outlet, but was forced to acknowledge he sometimes strays from his alleged strict food regimen.

“I’m the mayor of New York, and I’m perfectly imperfect,” Adams said last week.

In a clear reference to that, he told faith leaders Thursday, “There are days that the perfect people are going to judge me and tell me how to do it better. But I know and you know — they’re not the mayor.”

There’s also the issue of Adams’ “unconventional living arrangement,” Politico noted, pointing out that this is “leading critics to wonder how else he might be misleading the public.”

Politico reported: “Adams counts Johnny Petrosyants among his closest friends: They talk frequently and spend extensive time together, dining at restaurants and hobnobbing at clubs like the exclusive Zero Bond in Noho. Adams, who sleeps just a few hours each night, sometimes stays at Petrosyants’ Midtown condo in Trump World Tower, according to five people familiar with their habits. Across the Hudson River in Fort Lee, N.J., the two own condos nearly across the street from each other.”

Zhan “Johnny” Petrosyants is a restaurateur who was charged in a money laundering case eight years ago. He pleaded guilty to one of eleven counts for taking part in a check-cashing scheme that involved medical billing companies and being sentenced to probation and community service, while his brother was sentenced to six months in federal prison.

City Hall Communications Director Maxwell Young said in a statement that while they have a longstanding friendship, Adams doesn’t do sleepovers.

“They were introduced by mutual friends, at a time when Johnny was in the midst of a personal crisis,” Young said. “Eric has a long history of helping people through difficult times, helping to turn their lives around, and the mutual friend thought Eric would be able to help. That continues to be the nature of their relationship — one of friendship and mentorship and support.”

“He has never lived with Johnny, doesn’t have his own space there and hasn’t stayed over at the apartment,” he added.

In December, prior to taking office, Adams traveled to Ghana for a “spiritual journey,” much like Barack Obama did in 2009 — the trip coming amid the height of the Omicron scare, though Adams may have felt God was watching over him, since He had already informed him of what was ahead.

“My ancestors came over here in the bottom of slave ships,” Adams told reporters ahead of the trip. “And 400 years later, I’m the mayor of one of the most important cities in New York.

“I’m going there to pray. I’m going there to do some spiritual cleansing that’s there,” he said. “The people of Ghana, just like Obama when he ran for president, they’re waiting for me to go.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from Twitter:

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