‘Even dumber than I thought’: Trump offers savage critique of Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscars remarks

Turning a jab into a combo, former President Donald Trump offered a follow-up to his Oscars night troll of Jimmy Kimmel when “all he had to do is keep his mouth shut.”

(Video: Fox News)

A far cry from the slap heard ’round the world, the insistence of the host of the 96th Academy Awards to broadcast the president’s review of his monologue seemed to many to show a far thinner skin than comedian Chris Rock.

Sunday on Fox News’ “MediaBuzz,” host Howard Kurtz asked Trump about the on-air self-roast by Kimmel and his motivations for the Truth Social post about “trying too hard.”

“Every night he hits me, I guess. His ratings are terrible,” the president said. “He’s not a talented guy. I hear he hits me all the time, so I figured I’d hit him because I thought he was a lousy host.”

“I never expected he was gonna be reading it,” he explained.

Trump then expressed, “I said, ‘this guy’s even dumber than I thought. The thing went viral. It’s been all over the world now, and all he had to do is keep his mouth shut.”

During the ceremony, Kimmel had decided to read Trump’s reaction to his monologue live after Emma Stone had won Best Actress for her role in “Poor Things.”

Having taken shots at her, Best Supporting Actor winner Robert Downey Jr. and others during the lengthy intro, the late-night personality glommed onto the spotlight again as he took the stage, “You know, this, this doing this show is not about me. And I appreciate you having me. It’s really about you and, Emma and all these great actors and actresses and filmmakers.”

“But, I was told we have, like, an extra minute. And, I’m really proud of something and I was wondering if I could share it with you. I just got a review, and umm…”

What turned out to be a Truth Social post, something Kimmel did not disclose until after his recitation, read, “Has there EVER been a WORSE HOST than Jimmy Kimmel at The Oscars. His opening was that of a less than average person trying too hard to be something which he is not, and never can be. Get rid of Kimmel and perhaps replace him with another washed up, but cheap, ABC ‘talent,’ George Slopanopoulos. He would make everybody on stage look bigger, stronger, and more glamorous.”

“Also a really bad politically correct show tonight, and for years — Disjointed, boring, and very unfair,” Trump wrote. “Why don’t they just give the Oscars to those that deserve them. Maybe that way their audience and TV ratings will come back from the depths. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Kimmel went on to say to a mixed response, “Okay, now see if you can guess which former president just posted that on Truth Social. Anyone? No?”

It took a dig at possible incarceration to earn cheers as he added, “Well, thank you, President Trump. Thank you for watching. I’m surprised you’re still w- — isn’t it past your jail time?”

Kevin Haggerty


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