Everytown, City of Chicago get owned after setting sights on gunmaker Glock Inc.

Panned as an utter failure from inception, the latest gun grab partnership left some critics suggesting it may even backfire to benefit Second Amendment proponents.

The Everytown activists were at it again as they joined forces with the Windy City in a lawsuit targeting Glock Inc. over criminals breaking the law. Partnering with The City of Chicago as their client, Everytown Law sought a jury trial against the gun manufacturer with a stated end goal of stopping them from producing “easily converted pistols” that illegal after market parts can make into fully automatic weapons.

“The City of Chicago and Everytown Law announced we’re suing Glock for facilitating the proliferation of illegal machine guns on the streets of Chicago by manufacturing semiautomatic pistols that can easily be converted to fully automatic firing using ‘Glock switches,'” the activists posted to X.

The suit proceeded to blame Glock and not the soft-on-crime policies of Chicago as a result of their “willful decision to not take any meaningful action to address this problem in its sales to civilians — despite its awareness — is immoral, unethical, oppressive, unscrupulous, and unreasonable.”

“Glock has made the business decision to continue profiting from the sales of its easily modifiable guns to the civilian market,” asserted the filing as it further sought monetary compensation for the city “to abate the nuisance that Glock has created” in addition to ordering the manufacturer “to disgorge profits obtained through unlawful conduct.”

“The result endangers the health and safety of Chicagoans and increases and exacerbates the injuries and death from gun violence — draining the City’s public health, safety, investigative, and judicial resources and causing some City residents to fear using public streets, parks, schools, and transportation,” stated the suit.

Getting in on the PR action as he helmed the sinking ship into violent ruin, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) released a statement that read, “The City of Chicago is encountering a deadly new frontier in the gun violence plaguing our communities because of the increase of fully automatic Glocks on our streets.”

“Selling firearms that can so easily be converted into automatic weapons makes heinous acts even more deadly,” he contended, “so we are doing everything we can in collaboration with others committed to ending gun violence to hold Glock accountable for putting profits over public safety.”

Of course, those seeking to further trample on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding American citizens were met with ample derision from those actually familiar with firearms, including radio host and former National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch who ridiculed, “This is the stupidest thing I have read today. Johnson couldn’t identify a Glock from any other pistol if his reelection depended on it.”

In addition to slamming the ignorance of gun grabbers, others noted that Everytown could be working against their own interests as their suit appeared to make a “common use” case for fully automatic weapons that would actually expand 2A rights.

Kevin Haggerty


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