Ex-CNN reporter says dinner with ‘closeted MAGAts’ haunts her: ‘They all seemed so… normal’

Former CNN reporter Michelle Kosinski had dinner with “closeted” Trump supporters and was shocked to find they were “well-educated,” “successful,” and “so… normal.”

That impression did not last long as she surmised their political leanings and then began referring to them as “MAGAts.” She vented her disdain and hatred of all supporters of former President Trump on X Sunday.

“A few weeks ago, I had dinner with a few couples, friends of friends, all American. All were well-educated and successful in careers. They seemed great! On the surface. For like an hour. But slowly, over a few drinks, they began to let slip their true MAGA natures….” Kosinski wrote on X.

The leftist reporter is a big supporter of President Biden and former President Obama. She just could not believe that anyone in her social circle would stoop to supporting Trump.

“One of the couples each attended top ivy league colleges. But now that it was university time for their own kids, they were adamantly NOT letting them apply to any ivies. And were weird about explaining why. Though the kids were double legacies. Okayyy… moving on…” the biased journalist continued.

“The next crew suddenly busted out with air quotes when mentioning climate change. Again, these are otherwise smart people. Not scientists, clearly. But educated. And the dude took seething umbrage when my friend mentioned the damage Trump had done and vowed to continue to do,” she added.

Kosinski made it clear that if you don’t believe in climate change you are a dolt. And anyone who would not send their children to elitist universities to be indoctrinated was strange and somehow mentally deficient as well.

Kosinski was CNN’s White House correspondent until 2020. She now appears to be a producer and a freelancer of some sort who is letting her own mask slip politically.

The former CNN reporter seems to think that only the Left has facts at their disposal. She also can’t understand why these Trump supporters were reluctant to talk politics with her crowd.

“The others– when they realized that a few in their presence came armed with (gasp) actual facts (NO!)– quickly changed the subject and nervously said they don’t want to talk politics. They realized they would be eviscerated on all idiotic points, especially on the economy,” the 50-year-old elitist recounted.

“As it went on, my friends and I realized we were surrounded by otherwise carefully closeted MAGAts. It’s funny how the extremist or just wrong beliefs can’t help but leak out, even when you least expect them, and from people you least expect. They are out there,” she stated arrogantly looking down on the Trump supporters.

Kosinski claims to be “haunted” by the dinner. That Trump supporters could appear so “normal” and yet hold conservative political beliefs has her baffled. She literally bleeds arrogance and elitism in her posts and for the life of her, can’t understand how anyone can think that way.

“This dinner continues to haunt me. They all seemed so… normal. When I asked the couple who were my old friends how THEY didn’t know, they said that in their upscale FL neighborhood, people are extremely careful not to ever broach or debate the subject. This is not healthy,” she asserted.

“If people don’t ever talk about these things as friends and neighbors, and only live in their own warped information silos, how will they ever learn what is true or false? How will the truth ever make them consider alternatives? The allure of bullshit is co-opting decent minds,” said the reporter.

On one hand, Kosinski calls for a debate on issues, and on the other she basically tells Trump supporters to shut up. According to her X account, she blames religion and money for Trump and his supporters.

“Kosinski, most recently the host of a left-leaning podcast, has 65.5K followers on X, with whom she regularly shares anti-Trump content,” the Daily Mail reported. “In a post published in December 2016, she is seen schmoozing with her husband and the Obamas during her stint as CNN’s White House Correspondent.”

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