Ex-girlfriend of actor murdered in LA makes impassioned plea over rising crime: ‘Can’t keep happening’

Johnny Wactor’s killing prompted an impassioned message from the late star’s former fiancée directed at the criminals responsible.

“…you shot the wrong guy.”

Early Saturday morning, 37-year-old Wactor was reportedly leaving work as a bartender in Los Angeles when an encounter with a trio of masked suspects allegedly stealing parts from his car resulted in a fatal gunshot wound. While tributes for the former “General Hospital” actor circulated online, actress and former fiancée Tessa Farrell offered her own message on the tragedy calling for “changes as a community.”

Instead of finding fault with the firearm, the actress appeared to call out soft-on-crime policies in seeking a change to law enforcement.”These criminals can’t keep being on the street and they can’t keep being sent back and have no repercussions for their actions.”

“It’s not okay. This can’t keep happening. So many lives are being lost, just us not being smart — we have to be smarter as a community,” she added.

Making a plea directly to the suspect, Farrell asserted, “If the person who did this, if you’re watching, I’m sorry, but you shot the wrong guy. You can get a real job. I know the job market’s hard but we’re all in it together. You don’t have to steal — especially take a life over it.”

“Human life is disregarded too easy, guys. We gotta make some changes as a community. We gotta support each other,” she continued with a message of hope, “Maybe that’s what Johnny’s gift is for us, maybe he’s gifting that to all of us.”

Wactor’s mother, Scarlett Wactor, had also spoken out about her son’s killer Tuesday on NBC’s “Today,” indicating that the alleged thieves had been after his catalytic converter.

“I think they are cowards. As a parent, you never expect to bury a child,” she noted in contrast to Wactor’s actions described as protecting his female coworker from thieves by shielding her with his own body. “I use the word ‘hero’…I’m thankful that person is okay — and that when he died, he wasn’t alone.”

Having detailed her own relationship with Wactor and her continued love for him, Farrell’s message also spoke to his last moments, “Johnny, if you’re watching from above, I love you very much and I’m very proud of you for the person you’ve become and the obstacles you overcame.”

“You’ve forever inspired in my work and what I do and I wouldn’t be here without what you taught me. So thank you, Johnny. I love you. I miss you. I hope those last moments were okay for you and I’m glad someone was with you.”

She also extended an open ear to the coworker, “I can’t imagine what it’s like to have been the one right there. You must be so scared and so sad. But if you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me.”

As the Los Angeles Police Department Board of Commissioners sought help from the community in seeking a new Chief of Police after Michael Moore retired on Feb. 29, Farrell’s message extended to the people of the city to be more like Wactor.

“We can’t keep losing things like this because people are afraid to stand up and do what’s right, and Johnny stood up and did what’s right all the time,” she said. “So let’s be like Johnny and stand up and do what’s right.”

Kevin Haggerty


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