Country star Jelly Roll says smoking marijuana keeps him sober

With big money in legal marijuana, there are plenty of misperceptions about the drug being propagated in society, but few have dared to suggest that smoking weed will keep you sober — this being the exact opposite of the old theory that marijuana is a gateway drug.

Country music star Jelly Roll, aka Jason Bradley DeFord, is saying just that, telling Taste of Country his sobriety is dependent on getting high. At the same time, the artist said he still drinks on occasion after big events or when there’s something to celebrate.

“I get in trouble for this, all the time, but my stance on marijuana will always be the same: I believe marijuana has helped me in so many regards, with my anxiety,” he said. “This is a hot button topic, but, truly, marijuana has kept me sober.”

“I think a world without weed, Jelly Roll’s drinking codeine and popping Xanax and snorting cocaine again, but a world with weed, I’ll be alright,” DeFord said, speaking of himself in third-person.

Jelly Roll did acknowledge that he has friends battling addiction who disagree with him.

“I know that I have friends that don’t do that,” he told the outlet. “I have friends that are in the program that are totally against any kind of mind-altering anything. I respect that. I have so much respect for those people. That’s just not how my sobriety worked out.”

Jelly Roll admitted to drinking after winning the Country Music Association New Artist of the Year award in November.

“There’s something poetic about a 39-year-old man winning new artist of the year,” he said in his acceptance speech. “I don’t know where you’re at in your life or what you’re going through, but I want to tell you to keep going, baby. I want to tell you success is on the other side of it. I want to tell you it’s going to be OK. I want to tell you that the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror for a reason, because what’s in front of you is so much more important than what’s behind you. Let’s party, Nashville.”

He also spoke about improving his mental health.

“Weight is normally directly related to mental health, so I’m trying to get that under control and the rest is following that,” he told Fox News.

“I don’t even have a goal when it comes to health,” he said. “I just want to keep doing the right thing and feeling better. I’m starting to find a will to live and I wanna lean into that, that’s it. I just want to be happier.”

After dropping more than 50 pounds, his goal is to eventually enter a half-marathon.

“I’m training as you can train, it’s an 18-month process,” Jelly Roll explained. “I want to do another couple 5Ks first, so the goal is to half-marathon next fall.”

Tom Tillison


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