Ex-Trump prosecutor LEAVES interview to consult advisers when asked key question about Fani Willis

Cameras kept rolling even as former Fulton County Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade stepped away from a CNN interview to speak with a consultant.

The ex-special prosecutor in the Georgia criminal case against former President Trump was being asked in a CNN interview about his romantic relationship with District Attorney Fani Willis when the stunning pause occurred.

The pre-taped sit-down aired Wednesday and showed the moment Kaitlin Collins asked the question that sent Wade off-mic to consult with an adviser.

“What is your current relationship with the district attorney?” she asked on CNN’s “The Source with Kaitlan Collins.”

“Oh, just as outlined earlier, we are great friends. We speak regularly,” Wade replied.

(Video Credit: CNN)

“The conversation has changed, though. Whereas before, were — our conversations were about this case. You could — I’m sure you could imagine and appreciate the amount of time that it takes, that you’d have to pour into a case, trying to — a case of this magnitude, trying to prosecute those defendants,” he added.

“But our conversations have shifted to how are you — how are you handling the threats that are coming your way? Are you being safe? And democracy. The case will live on, kind of thing,” said Wade, who resigned from the Trump case in March.

“Just to clarify, when did the romantic relationship, between the two of you start?” Collins asked.

“Yeah, so, we get into – there’s been this effort to say that these exact dates are at issue and these exact dates,” Wade said before looking to the side and saying, “I’m getting signals here.”

His media consultant then interrupted and an unidentified voice could be heard saying, “Yes. We’re going to go off-mic for a second?”

“Keep rolling,” another male voice directed after it was confirmed that Wade would step away.

In an eyebrow-raising moment, Wade’s microphone was removed, and he stepped into a corner with his consultant with both of their backs turned as cameras continued to roll.

“Everything OK?” Collins asked as he returned to his seat.

“Yeah,” Wade confirmed.

“Just to revisit the question. It was to clarify when the romantic relationship started and when it ended,” Collins said as Wade seemed to deliver a decidedly different response.

“Sure. So, I believe that the public has, through — through the testimony, and other interviews, the public has a clear snapshot that this is clearly just a distraction. It is not a relevant issue, in this case. And I think that we should be focusing on more of the facts, and the indictment in the case,” he said.

“Well, I asked because obviously this is — it’s still a pending matter. It’s going to be before the Court of Appeals. And you talked about how proud you were, of all the work that you did in this office,” Collins pressed. “And I think the question that people have, when they hear from the Court of Appeals, this isn’t happening until next spring is, did the relationship jeopardize that work that you did, in this investigation?”

“And therein lies the issue, why we wouldn’t touch upon the work of the Court of Appeals, or some higher court, because it’s a pending issue before them. I think that we should allow them, take a step back and allow them, to take the evidence that they have, and do their work, make the decision,” the former prosecutor shot back.

“Right. But you did testify to this, and you were asked about, on the stand, about when it started, and when it ended,” the CNN host attempted again.

“It just wasn’t completely clear, because before it said, before the indictment, which was August 15th, here in Atlanta, and then later, the answer was at the end of that year. And so, I think that was the clarity that people were seeking of when it started and when it ended,” Collins explained.

“Sure. And there again, there’s a question before the court. And that is the crux of the question,” Wade replied. “I don’t choose to say or do anything that would jeopardize the case, or the court’s ruling. I prefer to allow them, to make their decision, based upon what they have, and accept it.”

A Georgia appeals court has paused the case against Trump and several co-defendants as a panel of judges decides whether Willis should be disqualified. Wade didn’t believe his own actions impacted the ruling but admitted to the “poor timing” of his relationship with Willis.

“Do I believe that my actions caused this delay? No, no, no,” he told Collins. “I do believe, though, that the timing of a personal relationship that I had was probably bad. It was bad timing. But you don’t pick and choose when those things happen. They happen organically and you deal with the situation as it comes.”

“Do you have regrets about it?” Collins asked.

“The only thing I regret is the timing of it,” he reiterated.

Frieda Powers


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