Family outraged by leaked video of Madison Brooks: ‘It shows a level of desperation’

The mother of LSU sophomore Madison Brooks, allegedly raped before being fatally struck by a car, reacted with outrage to the public release of videos from the night of her daughter’s tragic accident.

In the predawn hours of January 15, Brooks got out of a vehicle in which she had accompanied four males after leaving Reggie’s Bar in Tigerland earlier that night. She would later go on to be hit by a ride-share vehicle leading to an investigation and an accusation of rape against two of the individuals that she had been riding with that night.

After assuring that his clients were innocent of wrongdoing and that he had video evidence to back it up, attorney Ron Haley and the defense released clips depicting interactions between 19-year-old Brooks, Kaivon Washington, 18, Desmond Carter, 17, Casen Carver, 18, and Everett Lee, 28.

In speaking with Fox News Digital, attorney Kerry Miller representing Brooks’s mother Ashley Baustert reacted to the release of video clips calling them “hurtful and shameful” and suggesting each leak from the defense, “cuts like a knife.”

The clips depict Brooks removing herself from the vehicle so she can “Uber on her own” despite earlier claims that she had been kicked out, and apologizing for offending one of the vehicle’s occupants saying, “I’m sorry that I offended you that bad.”


That interaction occurred after Carter and Washington had allegedly raped Brooks with both suspects first being charged with third-degree rape under Louisiana law which considered the victim to be too inebriated to have consented after her blood alcohol level was determined to be nearly four times over the legal limit at .319.

Carter’s charge had since been upgraded to first-degree rape, which would result in a life sentence without possibility of parole if convicted, and the prosecution aimed to have the same charge brought against Washington who had reportedly been accused of raping two others prior to Brooks, including a 12-year-old girl when he was 15.

“It’s one thing to defend your clients,” Miller went on about the release of the videos. “It’s another to try the case in the media. It shows a level of desperation.”

However, Haley remained adamant in his client’s defense as the video depicted Brooks accusing Carver, the alleged driver of the vehicle, of being “gay,” a slur the attorney attributed to the young man not wanting to engage in the sexual activity that took place in the back seat.

“Implying that he’s not straight based on him not wanting to engage in certain activities with her,” the lawyer had told WBRZ 2 during an interview. “It doesn’t put anyone in the best light, but again, not being put in the best light isn’t the same thing as rape.”

Carver and Lee were both charged with principal to third-degree rape for being present at the time of the alleged crime.

Fox News Digital reached out to Haley requesting comment and/or the full video recording from the night in question but did not receive a reply at the time of this posting.

Kevin Haggerty


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