Fauci, DC mayor Bowser get shut down at doorstep of unvaccinated man not buying what they’re selling

Dr. Anthony Fauci may have been able to bamboozle millions of Americans during the course of the COVID pandemic but he wasn’t able to close the deal with a vaccine skeptic in the nation’s capital as he went door-to-door with Washington, D.C.’s Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser in a video that is going viral on social media.

In the excerpt from an upcoming PBS profile on the elfin career bureaucrat for the left-wing public broadcasting network’s “American Masters” series, the nation’s foremost promoter of masking, lockdowns and the jabs was unable to make the sale, being overmatched by an ordinary American with critical thinking skills in a humiliating episode that was captured on camera.

The embarrassing encounter took place in 2021 as the celebrity immunologist and Mayor Bowser were tracking down the unvaccinated in the historically black area of Ward 8 of Anacostia in Southeast, D.C that Dr. Fauci had labeled as “disenfranchised” with insufficient vaccination levels as the duo with a film crew in tow sought to convince holdouts to get with the program.

“People in America are not settled with the information that’s been given to us right now,” the resident said, challenging the two officials. “So I’m not gonna be lining up taking a shot or a vaccination for something that wasn’t clear in the first place and then you all create a shot in miraculous time. It takes years to create vaccinations,” he added as Bowser began badgering him before the smooth-talking Fauci moved in.

“Well it used to take years…,” Fauci told him. “Do you know how many years were invested in this approach? About 20 years of science to get us to be able to do…”

“Twenty years is not enough,” the unconvinced man shot back. “And nine months is definitely not enough for nobody to be taking no vaccination that you all came up with.”

Bowser then jumped in with the tag-team approach.

“The only reason I’m talking to right now, as close as we are, is that I’ve been vaccinated,” she offered as she tried to shame him for being one of “thousands” of people who, by declining to fall in line and roll up their sleeves, are “going to let this virus continue to percolate in this country and in this world.”

“Something like the common flu then, right?” the defiant vax holdout countered before Fauci invoked “the science” to cajole him into compliance, saying that COVID was “much more serious” than the normal seasonal outbreaks of influenza.

The man stood his ground, insisting that the flu kills a lot of people too.

“You know how many people died of the flu the last year? I mean not this year – virtually none,” said Fauci about the very mysterious disappearance of official flu deaths at a time when the media was hysterically hyping the number of COVID fatalities, then tossing out the number that 600,000 Americans perished from the coronavirus.

The mark didn’t fall for Fauci’s sales pitch. “Well the number you all giving that died, that’s once again, that’s you all’s numbers,” he defiantly stated.

“When you start talking about paying people to get vaccinated, when you start talking about incentivizing things to get people vaccinated, there’s something else goin’ on with that,” he added.

Fauci and Bowser eventually gave up and stalked off as the holdout told them, “Y’all campaign is about fear. It’s about inciting fear in people. You all attack people with fear, that’s what this pandemic is, it’s a fear, it’s fear this pandemic. That’s all it is,” he said as the camera then cut to the defeated Fauci de-stressing inside of a vehicle.

Twitter users weighed in on Fauci’s unsuccessful sales job, scoring the match decisively in favor of the unvaccinated D.C. resident who refused to give an inch.

In another clip from the program that’s entitled “Dr. Fauci visits D.C. to battle vaccine hesitancy,” President Joe Biden’s top medical adviser couldn’t resist taking a political shot at Republicans in the red states after the question arose as to “What are we gonna do about those other states?”

“Oh my God,” said Fauci,” They’re gonna keep the outbreak smoldering in the country, it’s so crazy.”

“They’re not doing it because they say they don’t want to,” he added. “They’re Republicans. They don’t like being told what to do and we gotta break that, you know, unpack that.”

“Follow Dr. Anthony Fauci as he grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic and his 50-year career as the nation’s leading public health advocate. American Masters: Dr. Tony Fauci reveals a rarely seen side of the physician, husband and father as he confronts political backlash, a new administration and questions of the future,” PBS states on its website to plug the program which debuts on March 21.

Chris Donaldson


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