Fauci says Americans will ‘just have to deal with’ more jabs; Dr. Oz says its time he takes his medicine

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Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” to inform Americans that they “just have to deal with” the prospect of getting multiple coronavirus booster shots over time.

There’s not much argument these days that COVID-19 vaccine efficacy wanes over time, and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases appears to be counting on hope, telling ABC News host George Stephanopoulos that he’s “hoping” a third mRNA shot will give people longer-lasting protection.

“If it becomes necessary to get yet another boost, then we’ll just have to deal with it when that occurs,” said President Biden’s chief medical advisor.

“I’m hoping from an immunological standpoint that that third shot of an mRNA and the second shot of a J&J will give a much greater durability of protection than just the six months or so that we’re seeing right now,” Fauci added, saying the booster shot may “dramatically” increase the level of protection.

The one consistency in his remarks is that there is simply no certainty.

“It’s tough to tell because the third shot of an mRNA could not only do what we absolutely know it does, is it dramatically increased the level of protection. But from an immunological standpoint, it could very well increase the durability of protection by things that you can’t readily measure by the level of antibodies that you might have a maturation of the immune system that would prolong the durability,” Fauci said.

On a more positive note — at least for now — is that Fauci said the “official requirements” for being fully vaccinated will not be altered to include a booster.

“For official requirements, it’s still two shots of the mRNA and one shot of the J&J for the official determination of what’s required or not,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr. Mehmet Oz told the New York Post that it’s time for Dr. Fauci to take his medicine, with the television host callingh for the director to be removed from his position at NIAID for “misleading” the country.

“Dr. Anthony Fauci has lost the faith and confidence of the American people. It’s time for a new face talking to the American people, one that is more trusted,” Oz said, adding, “I believe Anthony Fauci should be held accountable for misleading, whether willfully or unintentionally, the American public and the United States Congress.”

Oz is running for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania as a Republican, looking to replace retiring GOP incumbent Sen. Pat Toomey.

Gain of function research is at the center of the controversy, with Fauci telling Congress the National Institutes of Health did not fund the dangerous research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China — the general belief held by many experts is that COVID-19 at the Wuhan lab, though the liberal media continues to play this possibility down. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has clashed with Fauci on more than one occasion over the issue, with the NIAID director splitting hairs over the definition of gain of function research.

“Fauci should go to prison for five years for lying to Congress. They’ve prosecuted other people, they’ve selectively gone after Republicans, but in no way will they do anything about him lying,” he told Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network earlier this month.

Oz also told the Post that he does not support the efforts from Black Lives Matter, and opposes critical race theory.

“I do not support the actions being taken by the Black Lives Matter organization and its leadership. BLM has the wrong approach at every level,” Oz said, adding that BLM had “incit[ed] violence and property destruction.”

Calling CRT harmful to race relations, he said, “We should not be teaching or telling students that America is inherently racist. We are stronger as a country when we stand together – not divided on racial lines.”

Tom Tillison


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