FBI caught lying about crime stats: ‘The entire Biden administration is a mirage’

Charting the snowball effect of the FBI’s decision on crime statistics exposed yet another dataset that proved, “The entire Biden administration is a mirage.”

Linguistic loopholes and surreptitious statistics have been a mainstay of President Joe Biden’s administration to fuel rosy impressions of crises in the economy, at the border and abroad. Gathering the fruits of the sullied seed on criminality across the country proved just how disparate the FBI’s reporting was with the state of the nation as supposed declines relied “heavily on ‘estimation,’ or informed guesswork…”

According to a report from the Washington Examiner comparing the FBI’s preliminary data from 2023 with their figures from 2022, a claimed decline in murder of 13.2% and violent crime of 5.7% at the very least “warrant[ed] skepticism.”

“The FBI has been BUSTED Lying About Crime Statistics,” said one social media user more bluntly as they summarized the findings and included Fox News host Jesse Watters commentary that asserted, “The entire Biden administration is a mirage.”

Highlighting how corporate media capitalized on the questionable data, “Jesse Watters Primetime” showed coverage of MSNBC running with the FBI figures before he clarified, “Did you know about half the country doesn’t send their crime statistics to the FBI? So the FBI just estimates the number of crimes and then they estimate in the wrong direction.”

In early 2022, it was detailed how a decision to transition from the Summary Reporting System to the voluntary National Incident-Based Reporting System at the onset of Biden’s administration resulted in no crime estimates for 2021 due to a lack of “agency participation.”

The Uniform Crime Reporting program continued to be a bust by the end of 2023 as only 83 percent of all law enforcement agencies submitted data and, because of variations in records, changes in crime levels or were not readily attributable to lower crime levels or simply skewed data-reporting practices.

Considering the changes in reporting, the Examiner zeroed in on an uptick in murders by 23% since 2019 as discrepancies with agency data were attributed to cities that “still struggle to comply and submit partial or faulty data. The FBI compensates by relying more heavily on ‘estimation,’ or informed guesswork, to fill in the gaps and produce aggregated data.”

“That method of inferring offense totals is based on similar jurisdictions and past trends but is prone to error since it cannot compensate for local factors or events,” stated the report. “For example, comparing Baltimore’s 2015 homicide total to similar cities’ trends would produce a skewed result. Baltimore, beset by riots and a police stand-down, saw murder rise 62% that year. In peer cities, murders rose in Cleveland only 15% band fell in Detroit by 1% and Memphis by 4%.”

Additionally, data from the agencies didn’t match the FBI’s report. Where Baltimore had reported 262 murders in 2023, the FBI had only listed 225. In Nashville, the feds listed 5,941 aggravated assaults while the city tallied over 6,900.

“This trend is consistent across the board: While 2022’s FBI city-level figures track the police’s own data, the 2023 number consistently undercounts offense totals. Any year-to-year comparison overstates decline,” broke down former assistant FBI director Mark Morgan and executive director of the Coalition for Law Order and Safety Sean Kennedy.

As Watters put it, “The Biden administration is using Enron-style accounting to cook the books on everything from crime, to the border, to the economy and then the media reporters, they just regurgitate the propaganda and they wonder why the country has soured, we don’t trust them and [former President Donald] Trump is winning.”

Kevin Haggerty


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